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New Meningitis Vaccination Requirements

All incoming Texas college students under 22 years old, must be immunized against bacterial meningitis. Students who fail to meet this requirement may be dropped from courses or prevented from subsequent enrollment. This also applies to students returning after an absence of at least one fall or spring semester. 

The law mandates that the following students be inoculated against the bacterial meningitis illness:

  • First-time college students
  • Students transferring from another institution
  • Students who are re-enrolling following a break of at least one fall or spring semester
  • Students previously or currently enrolled exclusively in UT Arlington online courses who enroll in a UT Arlington in-seat course in subsequent session
  • individuals under age 22 who plan to audit a course

It is imperative that UT Arlington students who fall into one of the categories above and who plan to enroll for the coming semester be vaccinated as soon as possible. Under the law, college students must have received the vaccine within the past five years. Proof of inoculation is required 10 days before the start of the semester as the vaccine is considered effective several days after it is administered. Limited exemptions are specified in state law.

For a listing of those exemptions, please refer to UT Arlington’s Meningitis Requirement website at

UT Arlington asks students to submit proof of vaccination, to ensure that documents are processed in time to comply with the law.  In addition, if you are required to receive the vaccination and are offered campus housing accommodations, you must comply with the meningitis vaccination requirements at least 10 days from a housing contract offer or 10 days before move in, whichever is earliest.

Students will not be permitted to move into on-campus housing until a full 10 days has passed since the date of the vaccination. Students who have been approved for on-campus housing and have not received a vaccination in a timely manner will be expected to pay to stay in an off-campus hotel or make alternate arrangements for housing until the full 10 days have elapsed. In addition, non-compliant students may experience financial penalties for failure to comply with their contractual obligations. Students will not be allowed to enroll or move in to campus housing without submitting timely proof that they have complied with the meningitis vaccination law.   

For answers to commonly asked questions, please visit or College Vaccine Requirements

Policies Subject to Change:  The University, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to make exceptions and changes to the assignment priorities and policies without prior notice and without compensation to applicants waiting for assignment to university housing.

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