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Guest Policies and Occupancy Limits


There will be times when residents may have overnight guests. All guests must be registered and approved to be a guest prior to their stay. A guest must be registered no matter the length of the stay. To register a guest, the resident hosting the guest must fill out the online form at Guest Registration. 

If the guest is approved to stay, the maximum time allowed will be three nights a month. Guests cannot have consecutive stays from one month to the next. All residents must escort their guests at all times and are responsible for their behavior at all times. This requirement dictates that guests must be under the direct supervision of their host at all times while visiting. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action and the resident may lose the privilege of inviting guests to the apartment.

Occupancy limits 

 Occupancy limits vary by property and are established as follows.

Occupancy Limits


A qualified occupant of a university apartment or house is limited to persons meeting one of the following criteria:

  1. the "Lessee" who must be a student at the University of Texas at Arlington
  2. an "Immediate Member of the Lessee's Family" who need not also be a student at The University of Texas at Arlington such as a spouse or child or
  3. a "Roommate" who must also be a student at the University of Texas at Arlington.

 Leaseholders and Occupants are required to live in the unit. A lessee should not register an occupant for the purpose of obtaining a spare key to the unit.

 Leaseholders are required to register all occupants. Leaseholders who fail to register occupants will be considered in violation of their lease agreement and may be subject to pay a $150 fine and be placed on housing probation for the violation.

Registered occupants are eligible for the following services and benefits which are not available to unregistered occupants.

  • Key issuance
  • Lock out services
  • Lease assumption consideration
  • Access to pools and clubhouses
  • Access to community events
  • Ability to report maintenance issues/concerns

Any change in occupancy of the immediate family or roommate should be reported to University Housing immediately for the necessary changes on the lease. Changes in additional occupants can be made on-line through the housing website. You will use your university net ID and password to access the information online. If you are having trouble accessing the Online Housing Portal, please contact the University Housing Office at 817-272-2791.