Leader Support

Engagement coaches are available to assist leaders with their team action planning.

The Engagement Coach serves as the dedicated Point of Contact (POC) for a specific College/Business Unit, playing a consultant role in promoting and interpreting the campus-wide survey throughout the action planning phase.

As a consultant, engagement coaches assist managers and teams in the following:

  • Navigate to the Gallup Access portal.
  • Review team survey results.
  • Navigate engagement resources.
  • Formulate action plans.
  • Recognize their team’s strengths, areas for development, and in setting actionable engagement goals.

Identify your Engagement Coach

Engagement Coach Email Dean, VP, Chief College, School, Division
Cherie Keplinger cherie.keplinger@uta.edu Peter Crouch College of Engineering
Cherie Keplinger  cherie.keplinger@uta.edu Jacobbe Tim College of Education
Colin Sanor colinsanor@uta.edu Lowell Davis Student Affairs
David Price david.price@uta.edu Marie Schultz Development
Donny Beasley donny.beasley@uta.edu Louisa M. Havens Gerardo
Enrollment Management
Veronique Jones veronique.jones@uta.edu Kirk Foster School of Social Work
Glen Earl glen.earl@uta.edu Morteza Khaledi College of Science
Glen Earl glen.earl@uta.edu Jim Grover Graduate School
Hannah Farrow hannah.farrow@uta.edu Ming-Han Li College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs
Imelda Wicks imelda.wicks@uta.edu Teresea Madden Global Education
Jewel Washington jewel.washington@uta.edu Jennifer Cowley Office of the President
Jewel Washington jewel.washington@uta.edu Tamara Brown Office of the Provost
Joe Condon joseph.condon@uta.edu Jon Fagg Athletics
Juanita Strube juanita.strube@uta.edu Yolanda Bevill Market, Messaging, Engagement
Kate Prusock katherine.prusock@uta.edu Salma Adem Audit/Legal
Kate Prusock katherine.prusock@uta.edu Jewel Washington Talent, Culture, and Engagement
Latoya Oduniyi latoya.oduniyi@uta.edu Elizabeth Newman College of Liberal Arts
Latoya Oduniyi latoya.oduniyi@uta.edu  Elizabeth Newman Honors College
Maria Delgado maria.delgado@uta.edu John Hall Campus Operations
Monique Williams monique.williams@uta.edu John Wang UTA Library
Sandro Miljatovic sandro.miljatovic@uta.edu Deepika Chalemela Office of Information Technology (OIT)
Sandro Miljatovic sandro.miljatovic@uta.edu John Davidson Business Affairs
Vanden Thong vanden@uta.edu Harry Dombroski College of Business
Veronique Jones veronique.jones@uta.edu Elizabeth Merwin College of Nursing and Health Innovation
Victoria Rodriguez victoria.rodriguez2@uta.edu Kate Miller Research

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