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Engagement is a shared responsibility.

Engagement is the responsibility of every member of the UTA campus from leaders to individual contributors. Find out what steps you can take to ensure engagement for your team and yourself.

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2023 People and Culture Survey Results & Highlights

The University of Texas at Arlington is committed to creating an environment in which employees feel engaged in their work and valued by the university.


UTA Employees Participations

More than 2,900 UTA employees shared their feedback in the 2023 employee engagement survey.


Faculty & Staff Participations

64% of faculty and staff members shared their voice in the 2023 employee engagement survey.


Engaged Employees

For every 1 actively disengaged employee, UTA has 2.92 engaged employees.

  • UTA received an overall engagement mean of 3.85 on the Q12 employee engagement index, which measures an organization's performance on meeting employee needs that drive business outcomes. This score ranks UTA in the 45th percentile when comparing to other R1 institutions, meaning UTA scored higher than 45% of R1 institutions.
  • Gallup's Culture of Inclusion Index measures components of inclusion, including respect, being appreciated for one's uniqueness and feeling like one's voice is being heard. UTA received and overall score of 3.83 for the culture of inclusion index. This score ranks UTA in the 53rd percentile, meaning UTA scored higher than 53% of higher education institutions.

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Levels of Engagement Responsibility

  • Provide resources - human, technical and financial.
  • Set overall direction and vision and remove barriers.

Academic and administrative leaders such as deans, vice presidents, unit heads, department heads.

  • Understand and communicate the importance of creating a culture of engagement.
  • Reinforce shared values and direction through role modeling, actions, and decisions.

Anyone who supervises the work of others or is responsible for the management of an academic or administrative unit, department, or team.

  • Create an environment in which engagement can happen & recognize contributions.
  • Translate organizational goals and visions to team priorities, goals, and tasks.
  • Provide ongoing feedback and development for every team member.

A group of individuals working on the same project or within the same unit or division to collectively achieve common goals.

  • Create the team's culture and foster belonging.
  • Develop and implement goals and plans to drive engagement.
  • Reinforce good work and communicate team needs.

Everyone across all employee groups - faculty and staff.

  • Create and implement goals and plans to enhance your own engagement.
  • Support the engagement of others and the team.
  • Talk to your manager about how you want to be engaged.

Adapted from Gallup, Inc.



The timing strategy for responding to survey results



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  • Executive leadership communicates the University results to employees.
  • Survey results are distributed to the team level.
  • Managers are educated about post survey resources.
  • Managers review organizational and team specific survey results.


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  • Executive leadership builds a University engagement roadmap.
  • Managers utilize post survey training materials for guidance.
  • Engagement coaches are available to assist managers with questions and action planning.
  • Managers share survey results with their team.
  • Teams collaborate to create engagement goals and sets their action plan.
  • Goals should be written by late Summer 2024, but you have until August 1st to enter them into the Gallup portal.




  • Managers with a survey report submit action plan in Gallup Portal by August 1st.
  • The organization works collectively on engagement goals.
  • Teams take action to implement their action plans.
  • Managers track and monitor progress.
  • Ongoing communication to employees regarding engagement.




  • Executive leadership provides updates on progress towards organizational-wide goals.
  • Managers schedule team quarterly check points to evaluate their action plans.
  • Managers track and monitor progress

Some key information to note:

  • All direct supervisors (with at least 5 survey respondents) will receive their employee engagement results, which provide a summary for their workgroup and area of the business.
  • Direct supervisors will be able to share the employee engagement results with their team and have an open discussion among team members about the employee engagement results and the team’s plan for improvement.
  • Teams will collaboratively prioritize what action steps to take by completing an Engagement Action Plan.


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