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Tips for Employees

As an employee, you must take an active role in determining if a flexible working arrangement is ideal for you.  Take an honest look at your job responsibilities.  Can they be performed better or at least as well on a different time schedule?  Or in a compressed workweek?  Do you need to be on-site during normal work hours?

Think about any concerns your supervisor may have regarding a flexible work arrangement and consider your department's needs.  How would a flexible work arrangement meet your department's needs, increase productivity and impact the overall effectiveness of your department?

Next, determine your needs for flexibility.   As you are considering the possibilities, think about your individual working style. If you are considering a flexible working arrangement, you need to be sure that you can reliably stick to the schedule you select.   

When determining if a flexible work arrangement will work for you, consider the following questions:

  • Do you need or want a flexible schedule?
  • Do you want to work at home occasionally or on a regular basis?
  • Do you want to reduce your hours over the course of a week?

If you are considering telecommuting, you should be self-motivated and responsible; results oriented and comfortable setting priorities and deadlines; able to work independently; need minimal supervision; successful in current position; knowledgeable about office procedures; an effective communicator who takes initiative; and adaptable to changing routines and environments.  In addition, make sure your home has a good space for working, where you can keep and store work materials and equipment. Consider whether you will need equipment, technology support or other resources to make your arrangement work.

If you have answered all of the above questions and believe that a flexible work arrangement may be appropriate, request a meeting with your supervisor.   If your request is denied, discuss your supervisor's concerns to see if you can do anything else to make a compressed workweek a reality.  If the answer is still "No", remember flexible schedules are a supervisory option and not an employee benefit or right.


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