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Flexible Work Arrangements

UT Arlington recognizes that with the growing demands on employees who have both professional and personal responsibilities, flexible work arrangements such as telecommuting and flextime can be highly beneficial for the University and employees.  Flexible work arrangements may promote productivity, enhance job satisfaction, enable recruitment and retention of valuable staff and reduce greenhouse emissions consistent with the University's environmental goals.

A flexible work arrangement is any variation in scheduling work hours and/or location from the traditional on-campus daily pattern.  The categories of available arrangements are:

  • Flex Time: Employees are offered a range of starting and ending times for the workday; most shifts with a mandatory "core" time in the middle of the day.
  • Compressed Workweek: Employees work longer days for part of the week in exchange for a day off each week. 
  • Telecommuting: Employees work from home or another remote location on an approved schedule.
  • Part-time Work or Job Sharing: Employees work fewer hours, or two employees share the same position, splitting the responsibility for the work between them.

UT Arlington realizes that because of its unique and diverse work environment, flexible work arrangements will not apply in all situations. Therefore, all flexible work arrangements must have prior, written approval from the employee's supervisor.  

Flexible work guidelines are offered to help supervisors and employees create an arrangement that can support the institutional goals and improve employee satisfaction.  These guidelines also provide concrete expectations of responsibilities and accountability and help the supervisor and employee consider potential ramifications of a proposed new arrangement.


Flexible Working Arrangement Procedure (HR-E-PO-19-1)
Advantages of Flexible Working Arrangements
Tips for Managers
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