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New Federal Leave Policies (FFCRA)

New Federal Employee Paid Sick Leave & Expanded Family and Medical Leave, and UTA Emergency Leave

Beginning on April 1, 2020, UTA will offer COVID-19 Employee Paid Sick Leave  and Expanded Family and Medical Leave (EFML) to all eligible UTA employees (excluding health care providers and first responders) pursuant to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA).[1]  The leave provided under the FFCRA does not modify an employee’s right to use sick, personal, or vacation time, as set forth in our current policies. Rather, these new provisions expand UTA’s employee benefits by requiring that UTA temporarily grant additional leave to certain employees due to COVID-19. To apply, please contact Leave Services at 817-272-5554 or email: Rosa Newman or Paul Thompson

[1] This memorandum is subject to change based on forthcoming regulations from the Department of Labor, issued guidance, or other legal authority.

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Employee Paid Sick Leave (EPSL) Overview

  • 2 weeks (up to 80 hours for FT; prorated for PT)
  • Full pay or 2/3 pay (depending on reason), subject to pay caps
  • 6 different reasons (details below):
    • Ordered quarantine or isolation
    • Self-quarantine or isolation
    • COVID-19 symptoms and seeking diagnosis
    • Caring for individual under quarantine or isolation or with COVID-19 symptoms
    • Caring for own child due to school closure/unavailability of childcare
    • Substantially similar condition determined by Dept. of HHS

Expanded Paid FMLA (EFML) Overview

  • Up to 12 weeks (paid after first 10 days)
    • Weeks 1-2 unpaid unless substitute other paid leave, incl. EPSL
  • Weeks 3-12: 2/3 pay, subject to pay caps
  • 1 reason only:
    • Caring for own child due to school closure/unavailability of childcare

UTA Emergency Leave

Upon recommendation by the Vice President of Human Resources, the President or designate of the University may make a determination on other reasons for emergency leaves and shall grant an emergency leave, when in his/her determination, the employee shows good cause for such leave.

Contact your supervisor if you cannot work remotely and have exhausted all paid leave options including FFCRA (listed above), and wish to apply for Emergency Leave. Your request must include a statement of good cause for taking Emergency Leave, and an affirmation that you intend to return to work at the conclusion of Emergency Leave. Your supervisor will contact the Vice President of Human Resources to submit the request. The Vice President of Human Resources or designee will notify the employee of the decision electronically.

New Federal Employee Paid Sick Leave & Expanded Family and Medical Leave Procedure During The COVID-19 Emergency

Effective Date:  April 1, 2020
Expiration Date:  December 31, 2020

I. Procedure Purpose

This procedure is being implemented at the direction of the U.S. Department of Labor in order to provide temporary leave options for employees affected by the COVID-19 emergency.

II. Applicability

This procedure covers all UTA Staff, Faculty, and Student Employees. 

III. Responsibility

Employees are responsible to contact the Office of Human Resources and their supervisor to make them aware of the need for leave. This leave program is available on a temporary basis from April 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020. Retaliation against an employee for taking approved leave is prohibited. Payment for this leave will come from the department budget.

IV. Procedure

If you wish to apply, please contact Leave Services by email using the FFCRA Leave Request form (pdf).