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New Employee Paperwork Session Schedule-Fall 2020

For current paperwork session schedule, please see the New Employee Information Page. 

 Information on Fall Paperwork Sessions will be update in July 2020


New or Rehired Employees whose break in service will be longer than 1 YEAR must attend a New Employee Paperwork Session to complete the I-9 and other required forms. 

Employees who need to attend will:

  1. Complete Section 1 of the I-9 in Equifax before attending the session.
  2. Attend the New Employee Paperwork Session and bring acceptable I-9 documentsThe Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA) ** requires that employment eligibility is verified by completing the Form I-9 by third business day of employment. You will receive more information on acceptable documents in Equifax after the I-9 is completed. Sessions are held in the Wetsel Building at 1225 W. Mitchell St. in Room 200. 
  3. Provide stamped confirmation form received at the paperwork session to your department. Failure to attend a session and present the required documents will delay your employment or render you ineligible.

Hiring Department Responsibilities:

  • Provide the link to complete Section 1 of the Form I-9  and the list of paperwork sessions to the newly hired or rehired (whose break in service longer than 1 year) The employee will complete the section 1 before attending the paperwork session and bring their acceptable document(s) when they come in.
  • Verify that employee attended the session and completed the I-9.  Once the employee has completed the I-9 verification, he/she will receive a stamped confirmation form to give to the department.  Employees who do not provide this confirmation to the department should not be allowed to move forward in the employment process.
  • Employees who do not complete I-9 verification by the third business day of employment will need to be removed from work until attending the paperwork session and providing required documents.


Employees that reside outside of the area and will be working remotely may complete the I-9 verification with a notary public in their area or with another UT System Institution.  Please contact  to receive the forms that the employee will need to complete this process. 

**The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 prohibits employers from hiring any individual, including a U.S. citizen, for employment in the U.S. without verifying his or her identity and employment authorization on Form I-9. To comply with the law, employers must complete this form and verify required documents for each person they hire within the first three business days of employment. Failure to meet the three-day requirement could subject the University of Texas at Arlington to fines from $230-2292 per form.