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Request for Outside Board Service and Outside Employment


Outside professional commitments should not interfere with a faculty or staff member's responsibility to UT Arlington. No member of the faculty or staff may accept outside employment, temporary or regular, which actually or potentially results in any conflict of interest with, or intrudes upon or detracts from the individual's responsibilities to UT Arlington. Consulting, volunteer activities, and other professional commitments with this result or the potential for this result also must be avoided.

Before beginning any outside employment, you must complete and obtain all necessary departmental approvals on the Request for Outside Board Service and Outside Employment form.  Please enter your Net ID and password to access the application, complete the requested information and follow the instructions to route the form to the appropriate supervisor for approval.

In addition, Regent Rules require us to have a form on file for all full-time employees whether or not you have any Outside Board Service or Outside Employment.  Therefore, annually employees will be requested to access the application and indicate “yes” or “no” on the first page.


Request for Outside Board Service and Outside Employment (NetId required)

UT Arlington Handbook of Operating Procedures

UT System Regents' Rules & Regulations