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Elwood Preiss Distinguished Retiree Service Award

At a special executive officers meeting held in August 2007, a proposal was made for the development and formation of an award that would recognize UT Arlington Retirees who have made significant and valuable contributions to the university and the Arlington community.  The inaugural reward would be named the "UT Arlington Distinguished Retiree Service Award", with subsequent awards to be named "Elwood Preiss Distinguished Retiree Service Award".

Criteria for Award


Current Recipients

Elwood Preiss - 2007

Joe Spradlin - 2008

Thurman Jasper - 2009

Josie O'Quinn - 2012

Wanda Slinkard - 2013

Frank Gault - 2014

Larry Barcroft - 2015

Dianne Chance - 2016

Shirley Theriot - 2019