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2012-2013 Newsletter

Join us for the UTA Retirees' Club. We meet the second Tuesday of each month (September thru June) at the Maverick Activity Center (MAC). Our goal is to provide a variety of interesting programs or visit interesting sites on campus. If that doesn't peak your interest, keep in mind that the President's Office provides coffee and pastries for each meeting. We hope you will want to attend and invite you to visit our web site at WELCOME to RETIREMENT.

The UTA Retirees' Club has one thing in common with the TV show "Survivor". At the end of the show, the final survivors take time to remember each of the participants. I would like to take this time to remember each of the programs we had for this year. You can also visit our web site to read more about each program.

September 11, 2012 - Barbara Peet, Director of UTA Career Center, outlined the changes that have occurred due to keeping up with current trends and state legislation. The Career Center makes all the tools and technology available to our students to help them enter the workforce of the 21st century. Barbara surprised everyone by providing door prizes. Barbara has since retired herself and we invite her as well as all of you to attend our meetings.

October 9, 2012- The President's Luncheon was held in the Bluebonnet Ballroom. Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Ronald L. Elsenbaumer, provided us with an update on the University's goal to achieve Tier One status.

November 13, 2012- CPA Sharon Perry provided us with a handout on Tax Planning. Ms. Perry is a UTA graduate (bachelor and masters) as well as a former UTA instructor. She encouraged everyone to engage in tax planning. A small fee spent with an expert could very well prevent costly mistakes.

December 11, 2012 - Our annual Christmas music program was provided by a quartet from UTA's Music Department. The quartet included Elizabeth Morrow (cello, voice), Andrew Leverenz (voice), George Chave (composer, banjo, piano, voice) and Jing Ling Tam (drum, piano, voice). The group performed diverse selections ranging from a 16th century Italian madrigal to Joni Mitchell's "River".

January 8, 2013 - We met on the 6th floor of the library for a tour of the Special Collections. Ann Hodges, Coordinator of the collection, was our tour guide. She also gave us a history of the department sighting the Jenkins Garrett family as benefactors. Many of our members expressed a desire to return at a later date on their own.

February 12, 2013- The Winter Luncheon was held in the Bluebonnet Ballroom. The room was dressed in fall colors and flowers and we were treated to a panel discussion "The Impact of Tax Law Changes on Your Estate and Financial Planning". The panel consisted of R. Barry Johnson, Judson D. Arrington and William C. Porterfield III. Each panelist spoke on the subject and Mr. Johnson made the summary remarks.

March 12, 2013- Gailon Hardin, 2009 president of the Native Plant Society of Texas, presented a power point titled "Texas Sustainable Landscaping". Her presentation detailed how native plants support the ecosystem, help conserve water and preserve biodiversity.

April 9, 2013 - Dr. Jim Quick, UTA professor from the College of Business Management Department, spoke on the subject of "Stress Management". Dr. Quick is a recognized expert on the subject with many publications and awards to his credit. He provided us with a recommended reading list which can be found on our web site in the full version of the April minutes.

May 14, 2013- Dr. Christopher Ray and Dr. John Biggan from the UTA Center for Healthy Living & Longevity/ Kinesiology Department spoke to our group about aging concerns. Dr. Ray gave a presentation titled "Trends in Aging" and Dr. Biggan spoke on the causes and effects of Alzheimers. Seniors 65 and over can participate in the on-going study and exercise program during fall and spring terms. Call 817-272-2328 to set up a screening and find out more about participation. Eunice Currie (HR) sent wellness T-shirts for everyone via her mother. Thank you Eunice!

June 8, 2013- Annual Retirees Dinner in the Bluebonnet Ballroom will recognized new retirees.

June 11, 2013 - Annual meeting to update us on retiree benefits (presented by HR) will be at 10am, Room 102B of the Maverick Activity Center (MAC).

All retirees are invited to attend the UTA Retirees’ Club. There is no membership fee. We do collect a voluntary $1 donation at each meeting to fund our treasury. Thus far, we have used the money to purchase scholarship bricks through the UTA Alumni Association. I send out e-mail reminders before each meeting. If you are not currently receiving an e-mail but wish to, send your name and e-mail address to me at  Thanks to Human Resources, the MAC and the President’s Office for all their help and support. The newsletter was started by Josie O’Quinn, past president, and this is our third annual newsletter.  Submitted by Rosanne Minyard, secretary