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Separating from the University

This list is to be used as a comprehensive guideline for employees successfully separating from The University of Texas at Arlington. It is intended to provide you with resources, links and points of contact to complete this important process.

Please note that not all items listed will apply to the separating employee.

Step 1

Your department administrative assistant or other person responsible for the separation process will end your appointment with the University through UT Share Human Resources System.

Step 2

A Clearance form will need to be completed. Your department administrative assistant, or other person responsible for the separation process, will complete this form and print it out.

o   Please follow the instructions on the form for assistance with completing this form. HR-E-F5 Employee Clearance Form

o   You are responsible for taking this form, along with any items you are returning to the University, to each of the stations indicating they need to be cleared on the form.

o   Once you have returned all items to the University, bring the form back to your department and a representative from your department will sign the form and return it to Human Resources.

Step 3

If eligible, a Vacation Voucher will need to be completed by the department and mailed to HR. It is located on the web on the UTA HR Forms Page.

o   This form is needed only if there are vacation hours left at the time of separation and you have been continuously employed for a period of six months in a vacation accruing position. Form 1-6 Department Vacation/Holiday Payroll Voucher

o   Note: If you are directly transferring to another state agency, the hours will not be paid out. The sick and vacation hours will be transferred to the state agency by Human Resources and this form will not need to be completed.

o   If you have recently moved, please update your address either with your department or Human Resources.

Step 4

All separating University employees should complete the Exit Interview Program. Information about this program is located at and the exit interview can be completed online. It is available at

Step 5

If you would like to contribute any (or all) available hours of Sick Leave to the Sick Leave Pool, you may do so by completing the Sick Leave Pool Direct Donation Form, available at

Direct Donation of Sick Leave

Step 6

If you have retirement and/or insurance benefits through The University of Texas at Arlington, and want to learn what happens to those benefits when you separate, information is available here. Questions regarding benefits options should be directed to Benefits Services at or call 817-272-5558 to speak with a Benefits Services representative.

If there are any questions on how to complete the Separation process that were not addressed here, please contact