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Business Communications

Listening More Effectively in a Virtual World

How well you listen affects the quality of your personal and professional relationships, in person and online.  If you want to improve your relationships but do not know where to begin, this course will provide tips and techniques to help you listen more effectively.  Effective listeners analyze a situation more thoroughly and understand other people more fully.  This course will review common barriers of effective listening, discuss different channels of communication, and consider the role of contextual cues. 

A Loss for Words: Developing Assertive Communication

Do you struggle to find the right words in a conversation frequently?  Do you lose your confidence and become speechless when you really have something to say?  Learn the skills to help you speak assertively and effectively.  This course will address common communication styles, review the importance of non-verbal cues, and discuss strategies to help you find your words, share your ideas, and respect others. 

Conducting Effective Meetings (Virtually)

There are very few people who actually like to sit in meetings. However, meetings are part of team development and organizational management. This course is designed to explore the basic keys to conducting effective meetings that will help your team get the right information to get the job done. Participants will learn how to plan and prepare for meetings and uncover the elements that make a meeting successful.

Powerful Presentation Skills – Coming Soon

Public speaking may not be the most exciting activity for you.  However, you can learn the tips and techniques to make your next presentation a great success. Participants will learn how to develop compelling presentations. No matter what the subject, learn how to deliver the message with poise and power. Give your words an appeal that captures attention and leads to inspiration. A presentation delivered with power and passion will be more memorable.

Nonverbal Communication in the Workplace – Coming Soon

In business communication, it is important to able to understand what is and what is not being said through reading the other persons’ body language. This session will dive into the importance of understanding body language, facial expressions and gestures, common body language mistakes to avoid, and how to manage and use body language to improve communications. 

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