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Remote Working Series

Building Virtual Team Engagement

This session is for supervisors and project managers who are currently leading virtual teams. Building connection and team spirit is important as we continue to work remotely. Since there are no break room or “water cooler” conversations, it takes a more concentrated effort to maintain engagement levels. Participants will explore employee engagement tips and derailers to strengthen workplace relationships and collaboration.

Leadership Skills for Managing Remote Employees

This session is for supervisors and project managers who are currently leading virtual teams. Since working remotely, most supervisors can say that while virtual teamwork has its pros, it can also be challenging. Supervisors should focus on a strategy to lead effectively. This is an opportunity for us to discuss our strategies and to dive into the mindset and skillset necessary to strengthen and enhance the productivity of virtual teams.

Conducting Effective Meetings, Virtually?

There are very few people who actually like to sit in meetings. However, meetings are part of team development and organizational management. This course is designed to explore the basic keys to conducting effective meetings that will help your team get the right information to get the job done. Participants will learn how to plan and prepare for meetings and uncover the elements that make a meeting successful.

Listening More Effectively in a Virtual World

How well you listen affects the quality of your personal and professional relationships, in person and online.  If you want to improve your relationships but do not know where to begin, this course will provide tips and techniques to help you listen more effectively.  Effective listeners analyze a situation more thoroughly and understand other people more fully.  This course will review common barriers of effective listening, discuss different channels of communication, and consider the role of contextual cues.

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