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Wellness at UTA


Space is limited. Apply between June 8-19, 2020 at

The Naturally Slim program starts July 6, 2020 and is available to all UTSELECT and UT CONNECT medical plan members age 18 and above, including employees, retirees, spouses and dependents who have not participated in the last 12 months.

It’s the perfect time to get (and stay) healthy—both physically and mentally. While

things may feel out of your control right now, UT Benefits has partnered with Naturally

Slim to help you take control of your health at no cost to you.

Naturally Slim could help you:

  1. Reach your weight loss goals. Without getting off track.
  2. Break those old habits. Trade in mindless snacking for mindful eating.
  3. Relieve stress and anxiety. Manage how you cope and react.
  4. Build your immunity. Help fight off illnesses by practicing self-care.