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Getting to Ten

Ben Agger and Timothy W. Luke
Searching for Value in the Discourses of Commodity Fetishism

Robert Goldman and Andrew Miller
Time for Timbits? Fast Food, Slow Food, Class and Culinary Communication

Tara Brabazon
Hashing It Over: Green Governmentality and the Political Economy of Food

Timothy W. Luke
Vegans who Run

Ben Agger
The Spirit of the Trail: Culture, Popularity and Prize Money in Ultramarathoning

Gary David and Nick Lehecka
Critical Internet Privacy Studies

Thomas Allmer
Globalisation and Mondialisation

Bregham Dalgliesh
Public Access: For Socially Relevant Knowledge Production and a Democratic Cybersphere

Joshua Sbicca and Robert Todd Perdue
Beyond Dystopian Education in a Neoliberal Society

Henry Giroux
Against Speed Cosmopolitanism towards the Slow University

Jeremy Hunsinger
The Role of Marketing in the Infantilization of the Postmodern Adult

Jacopo Bernardini
WMD Transformations: When did an RPG become a WMD?

Binoy Kampmark
Labour-time in the Dot.Com bubble: Marxist approaches

Frederick Harry Pitts
Violent Media, Guns, and Mental Illness: The Three Ring Circus of Causal Factors for School Massacres, as Related in Media Discourse

Jaclyn Schildkraut and Glenn W. Muschert

FC5.1, a special issue on the legacy of Telos and its founding editor Paul Piccone, was issued in print by Telos Press as a book entitled A Journal of No Illusions: Telos, Paul Piccone, and the Americanization of Critical Theory. The book just received Honorable Mention in non-fiction at the 2013 London Book Festival. See http://www.telospress.com/store/#!/~/product/category=4186633&id=17898056