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Introduction to Fast Capitalism 14.1

Timothy W. Luke
Dr. Ben Agger: Colleague and Friend

Robert L. Bing III
Short Tribute to Ben Agger

Elisabeth Chaves
In Memory of Ben Agger

Bob Kunovich
Staring Out the Window: A Brief Reflection on my Friend and Mentor, Ben Agger

Joshua E. Olsberg
To Family, Friends, and Colleagues of the Late Dr. Ben Agger

Jason E. Shelton
(Auto)biography and Social Theory: A Perspective on the Life and Work of Ben Agger (1953-2015)

Lukas Szrot
Between the Topoi and Hope: On Ben Agger, Social Ontology, and Disciplinary Sociology

Mark P. Worrell
Would Adorno Download Music? Piracy, the Recording Industry and Reproduction Reconsidered

David Arditi
Exploring the Chaos of Commodification: From the Arcades to the Cascades with Benjamin and Leopold

Timothy W. Luke
Toward a Theory of Economic Development as a Mode of Flash Capitalism

Robert Kirsch
Algorithmic Capitalism in the Epoch of Digital Reason

Michael A. Peters
Donald Trump, Media Spectacle, and Authoritarian Populism

Douglas Kellner
5 minutes to hell.  Time to tell the truth. The disintermediated doctoral student

Tara Brabazon
A Jeremiad for Ben: Things Fall Apart

Scott G. McNall
Ben Agger was a Blazing Intellect

Stephen Turner