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The Art of the Accident: Paul Virilio and Accelerated Modernity

Steve Redhead
Biotech Barbeque: A Regulatory Figuration and Policy Making

Rob Shields and Carrie Sanders
Soft Surveillence: A Growth of Mandatory Volunteerism in Collecting Personal Information—"Hey Buddy can you Spare a DNA?"

G. T. Marx
Pattern Recognition in Fast Capitalism: Calling Literary Time on the Theorists of Flux

Paul Taylor
"Second Nature": Advertising, Metaphor and the Production of Space

Shane Gunster
(Smaller Download Without Graphics)
Robert Goldman, Stephen Papson, Noah Kersey
The Disasters of War

Avery F. Gordon
Socrates in Earpods? The iPodification of Education

Tara Brabazon

The Political Economy of Knowledge: Neglecting Political Economy in the Age of Fast Capitalism (as Before)

Robert Babe
The Power Elite at 50: C. Wrights Millsí Political Sociology in Midlife Crisis

Steven P. Dandaneau
The Other Frankfurt School

Mark P. Worrell

Disagreeing Preemptive/Prophylaxis: From Philip K. Dick to Jacques Ranciere

Irving Goh

Slow Thoughts for Fast Times

Betty Friedan and Simone de Beauvoir

Charles Lemert