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Special Issue Co-Editors: Jeremy Hunsinger, Lorie Jacobs, Wilton Wright

Informatic Spatiality, Electronic Agency, Cybernetic Structure, and the New People Power: Occupy Movements at Play in Network Systems

Timothy W. Luke
Occupy Globalization

Ben Agger and Timothy W. Luke
Go Home, Occupy Movement!!

Anis H. Bajrektarevic
Occupy Wall Street’s Battle against American-Style Authoritarianism

Henry A. Giroux
Guy Debord and the Integrated Spectacle

Julian Eagles
The “BIG GOVERNMENT” Mythology

Carl Boggs
Globalization and Global Welfare: A Critical Excursion

Jason L. Powell and Sheying Chen
Globalization versus or pro the State?

Alexandra Dobra
Time for a digital detox? From information obesity to digital dieting

Tara Brabazon
Digital Reproducibility and the Culture Industry: Popular Music and the Adorno-Benjamin Debate

Ryan Moore
The exploitation of expertise: Adjunct academics and the commodification of knowledge

Leanne McRae
The Cracks in the Walls: Earthquakes, Patriarchy, and Transnational Capital in Haitian Free Trade Zones

Joshua E. Olsberg
Politics, An Illusion We Have Forgotten Is Such

Bradley Kaye
Media and MASSACRE: A Comparative Analysis of the Reporting of the 2007 Virginia Tech Shootings

Jaclyn Schildkraut
In Video Games we Trust: High-Speed Sociality in the 21st Century

Graham Candy
A Player’s Web of Significance: A Narrative of a Finnish Online Poker Semi-Professional

Jouhki Jukka
Time-Space Compression and the Role of Television in DeLillo’s White Noise and Wallace’s “Little Expressionless Animals”

Andrew H. Banecker
The Imperial Eye

Mark P. Worrell and Daniel Krier
They Blog, Therefore They Think: Composition 2.0 and Blogging toward Democracy

Lorie Jacobs
Digital Media and the Convergence of Geographic Cultures

Marcus Schulzke
Resisting Commodification (with Friends!): Facebook and the Spectacle of Capitalism

Wilton S. Wright