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Distance Learning

The IMSE Department provides distance learning options for most graduate-level courses. This provides a convenient way for part-time students or off-campus students seeking a master's in Industrial Engineering to access their classes at their convenience. Lectures are recorded during the in-class sections and provided to off-campus students through Canvas. Course materials such as the syllabus and class notes will also be accessible through Canvas. Students enrolled in online sections of the IE courses will be able to contact their professors via email to make arrangements to turn in assignments. All arrangements must be made with the permission of the course instructor. For more information, read the IMSE Distance Education Policy below.

How to Access Videos

As a distance student, you will have access to your IE courses through Canvas. To log into Canvas, you will use your netID and password.

To view videos in Canvas, click on the Echo 360 link on the left-hand navigation. From there, you will be able to access your videos by the date of the recording. It may take a few hours after the end of class time to process and upload the video to Canvas.

Please Note: If you are enrolled in section 002 or 003 of a course on MyMav, your Canvas course will appear as section 001. The sections are merged together on Canvas for ease of maintenance for the professor and staff.


Some Internet Service Providers might be filtering the video; or if you are trying to access the videos from your workplace, your company might be filtering it. You might try downloading and installing a VPN, which will give you a secure virtual "tunnel" to UTA. It should help if you're having problems accessing the videos off campus. Download the VPN client for your platform and follow the instructions on how to install it and configure it. Once you have it set up, let the VPN run in the background while you try to access the videos.

If you have forgotten your NetID or password, you will need to contact OIT or visit to reset your password.

IMSE Distance Education Policies

Established by the Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering Department Faculty (Summer 2008)


A distance student is defined as a student enrolled in the distance section of an IE course. The section numbers for distance sections are typically "002" or "003."

Policy #1

Exams must be taken with 24 hours of the regularly scheduled exam. Students who live within 50 miles of campus must come to campus to take all exams. Students should make every effort to take exams on-campus during the regularly scheduled time. If this is not possible, alternate exam times will be scheduled. Students living more than 50 miles from campus may take the exam with an approved proctor. Students will be responsible for identifying a proctor. Proctors must be approved by the faculty at least two weeks before the first exam. The proctor should be associated with the testing facility of a community college, a library, a university or a professional testing center such as a Sylvan Learning Center. Students are responsible for any fees charged by the testing facility. All students must fill out the Proctor Registration form through the College of Engineering, whether you take exams on-campus or off-campus

Policy #2

Distance students are required to communicate with the faculty before the second class period. This “first contact” helps insure that the distance student is not left behind at the beginning of the semester. Students are encouraged to do this before class begins each semester.

Policy #3

Distance students are expected to complete all of the regular requirements for a class. This includes submission of homework assignments within 24 hours of the in-class students. To facilitate this, the faculty will establish homework due dates that provide enough time for the distance student to view the material on the WEB page and to complete the assignment. In most cases, homework may be submitted electronically. Laboratory assignments are handled on a class-by-class basis. The faculty will actively try to accommodate the distance student. However, in some cases, the DFW Metroplex distance student will be required to come to campus to complete a laboratory assignment. The student should communicate with the faculty before enrolling in a course to understand the laboratory requirement.

Policy #4

The distance student is expected to have the minimum level of technology required to receive the distance programs. The minimum recommended technologies are given below.

  • Processor operating at 400 MHz or higher
  • DSL/cable modem Internet connection capable of 256 kbps sustained data rate
  • Video Software - A free RealPlayer is available from There is a version of the RealPlayer for the Mac, and a few Linux/Unix boxes, but we do not provide support for those platforms
  • Web Browser - Our courses are designed to use Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or better. Many of the necessary features will NOT operate with Netscape, Mozilla, or other browsers

If you plan to watch the course videos from your office, be sure that there will not be any firewall issues prohibiting the access of the video player. You will want to investigate your company's equipment and policies before committing to this distance education option.

You are responsible for contacting the instructor via e-mail to comply with the requirements for taking the course through the Internet.

If you have any questions, refer to the testing information and proctor FAQ on the College of Engineering's website.