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CPT Guidelines

For students seeking a CPT please follow the OIE requirements included on the CPT form. There are new criteria that will apply to the official offer letter.

The offer letter must:

  1. Come directly from the employer via email to the department on official letterhead.

  2. The letter must come to Sandra Williams or Kimetha Williams.

  3. No Word documents will be accepted. Must be in PDF form.

  4. The letter must contain:
    • Job title and description
    • Beginning and ending date (one semester per offer)
    • Name of the on-site supervisor with contact information
    • Salary amount
    • No volunteer positions except by special approval
    • The work must be on site at the company.  Remote assignments are not authorized
  5. CPT's approved after census date will require a class roll adjustment (CRA).  The CRA process carries a fee for the student.  These fees will not be waived.