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Graduate Certificate in Unmanned Vehicle Systems

The Graduate Certificate in UVS (Unmanned Vehicle Systems) is offered through the Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering Department and will focus on educating graduate students in skills required to design and develop UVS which will include the development and operation of Unmanned Aerial Systems, Unmanned Ground Systems, and Unmanned Maritime Systems.  The program aims to provide the UVS industry with a trained and knowledgeable workforce while at the same time training the participants and providing the skills required to advance their career. 

The IMSE Graduate Certificate in UVS is offered as a standalone certification. 


Admission into the Graduate Certificate in UVS requires:

  • A Bachelor's degree in an engineering discipline with a minimum GPA of 3.0 or current enrollment in an engineering graduate degree program at UTA with a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • Those who desire to complete the certificate program without enrolling in a graduate degree program must:

1. Be admitted to UTA as a non-degree seeking student.

2. Provide an essay detailing the applicant's background and skills as pertaining to UVS, his/her interest in a specific domain, and his/her expected benefit from completing this program.

3. Provide two recommendation letters explaining how the applicant will contribute to the certificate program and how he/she will benefit by completing the program.


Admission into the Graduate Certificate in UVS requires:

Students must complete 15 hours of coursework and maintain 3.0 grade point average or better in the five program courses.  Course requirements are managed by the certificate program advisor.


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