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Degrees Offered

The Industrial, Manufacturing, & Systems Engineering Department at UT Arlington offers the following:

Bachelor of Science (B.S. Degree) Master of Science (M.S. Degree)

Graduate Certificate

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D. Degree)

**The Logistics and the Engineering Management programs are offered in collaboration with the Department of Information Systems and Operations Management in the College of Business.

Bachelor of Science Degree

The B.S. Program in Industrial Engineering is designed to prepare students with the ability to apply their knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering, and other skills necessary to analyze and interpret data for use in modern engineering practices and problem-solving.

Minor in Industrial Engineering

Those who do not wish to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering but would like to work towards a minor in this field may do so. To receive a minor in Industrial Engineering, a student must complete the following courses with a grade of C or better in each: IE 2308, IE 3301, IE 3315, plus any three upper division IE courses for which the prerequisites are satisfied.

Master of Science Degree

M.S Industrial Engineering

The M.S. Program in Industrial Engineering is designed to provide the student with fundamental knowledge in various areas of Industrial Engineering and with an opportunity to explore a specific area through the selection of electives.

The department is particularly well-equipped to provide electives in the areas of:

Fast Track B.S. to M.S.

The BS to MS fast track allows qualified UT Arlington undergraduate students to enter directly into the MSIE program, selecting either the non-thesis option or the thesis option. The essential element of the program is that the student can count up to three courses for both the BS degree and the MS degree. In effect, the MSIE becomes a 27-hour program. This allows students to graduate with the MSIE degree one semester earlier than would otherwise be the case.

We see the fast track as a very important program that will allow us to recruit our most talented undergraduate students into graduate education. We hope to develop a larger pool of research-capable students.

Download and fill-out the Fast Track B.S. to M.S. Form.

M.S. Engineering Management

The M.S. Program in Engineering Management prepares the experienced engineer or scientist for a leadership role in planning, developing, and implementing a firm's technological capabilities.

M.S. Systems Engineering

The M.S. Program in Systems Engineering is offered as a modified cohort program targeting the systems engineering working professional.

M.S. Logistics

The M.S. Program in Logistics meets the increasing need for professionals with education and experience in the area of Logistics. The program is designed for the experienced professional with a background in engineering, science, or other appropriate field.

Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in UVS (Unmanned Vehicle Systems) will focus on educating graduate students in skills required to design and develop UVS which will include the development and operation of Unmanned Aerial Systems, Unmanned Ground Systems, and Unmanned Maritime Systems.  The program aims to provide the UVS industry with a trained and knowledgeable workforce while at the same time training the participants and providing the skills required to advance their career. 

The IMSE Graduate Certificate in UVS is offered as a standalone certification. 

Ph.D. Degree

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Industrial Engineering is the highest degree offered by the IMSE Department. To be awarded the Ph.D., the student must demonstrate both superior scholarship and the capacity to perform original research.

The two basic requirements are that a student:

  • Attains a mastery of both general industrial engineering and a specialized subfield as determined by the IMSE Committee on Graduate Studies and demonstrated through examination
  • Completes a significant program of original research and prepares a dissertation

Specialization at the Ph.D. level is typically in a research area of interest to a faculty member.