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Future Students

What is IE?

What is Industrial Engineering?

Industrial Engineering has to do with the analysis and design of complex systems of people, processes, and technology so as to accomplish organizational goals. The core disciplines include statistics, operations research, economic decision making, human engineering, and management. The history of Industrial Engineering is rooted in the application of these core disciplines to the analysis and design of the manufacturing enterprise. However, Industrial Engineering problems are found in retail, distribution and supply chain, banking, healthcare, many other environments. Industrial Engineering is almost universal in its applicability.

What do Industrial Engineers do?

Industrial Engineers work everyday to make people's lives better. We design systems that merge people, information, materials, and equipment to provide services and manufacture products by the most efficient, productive, and safest methods. We work all over the world in every industry from banks to hospitals to automobile manufacturers to movie studios to transportation providers. Any organization that wants to use its resources wisely should hire an Industrial Engineer.

Industrial Engineers understand both the technical and business sides of organizations. In the IMSE program at UTA, you will learn to apply quantitative mathematical tools as well as management tools to make you an effective professional in the global economy.

Visit the Institute for Industrial Engineers (IIE) website for more information on what Industrial Engineers do.

Where do Industrial Engineers work?

Industrial Engineerings work in a variety of fields ranging from the business world to NASA and engineering companies. View this short list of companies where current IIE members are working. As you can see, industrial engineers work in a diverse environment.

What are typical IE projects?

As an IE student at UT Arlington, you will learn how to utilize yours skills for typical IE projects. View the examples of typical IE projects at the IIE Website.

Additional Information

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