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Faculty Research Areas

Data Analytics and Operations Research

  • Victoria Chen: Approximate Dynamic Programming, Stochastic Programming, Adaptive Treatment Strategies, Airline Optimization, Energy System Optimization, Environmental Decision-making, Sustainability Assessment.
  • Bill Corley: Optimization Theory, Game Theory, Large-scale Linear Programming, Multi-Objective Optimization, Decision Analysis.
  • Aera LeBoulluec: Data mining, Identify and Analyze Patterns, Decision Analysis (Decision Tree)
  • Jay Rosenberger: Integer Programming, Stochastic Programming, Large-scale Linear Programming, Applied Simulation, Queuing Models.
  • Shouyi Wang: Personalized Medicine, Health Care Decision-making, Reinforcement Learning.

Engineering Education

  • Bonnie Boardman: Undergraduate Student Recruitment, Undergraduate Advising, Freshman Engineering Education, Educational App Development.
  • Jamie Rogers: ABET, Sustainability, Senior Design Experience.

 Engineering Statistics

  • Victoria Chen: Experimental Design, Statistical Modeling, Design and Analysis of Computer Experiments, Data Mining, Statistical Process Control .
  • Bill Corley: Distribution Theory, Evidentiary Statistics.
  • Aera LeBoulluecStatistical Modeling, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Statistical Process Control
  • Jay Rosenberger:  Optimization of Statistical Models, Design and Analysis of Computer Experiments.
  • Shouyi Wang: Data Mining, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition.

 Human Factors


  • Erick Jones: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Supply Chain Logistics, Automatic Identification, Supply Chain Optimization, Lean Six Sigma Quality, Engineering Management.
  • Jamie Rogers: Healthcare Systems, Transportation and Distribution Systems.
  • Jay Rosenberger: Airline Operations, Airspace Modeling, Airport Planning, Vehicle Routing, Nurse Staffing, Maintenance Scheduling, Energy Systems.


Systems Engineering and Engineering Management

  • Susan Ferreira: Systems Thinking, Requirements Engineering, Complex Systems and Systems of Systems (SoS) Modeling and Analysis, Systems Engineering Strategy, Risk Management, Sustainability, Ontologies, Investigation of New Areas of Systems Engineering Application.
  • Paul Componation: Development and optimization of complex systems, decision analysis in distributed engineering design teams, parametric cost modeling, value-driven design.