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En Route

Helping former criminal offenders re-enter the community

Prisoner illustration

Illustration by Brian Stauffer

When it comes to reforming previous criminal offenders, support is key. Research indicates that strong networks of support reduce recidivism. But lack of access to transportation, especially to and from jobs and services, has been identified as a major barrier to successful re-entry for this population.

To combat this, a multidisciplinary team was awarded a National Institute for Transportation and Communities grant to link transportation to services like medical access, employment centers, and educational opportunities. The team comprises social work Assistant Professor Anne Nordberg, criminology and criminal justice Associate Professor Jaya Davis, and civil engineering Associate Professor Steve Mattingly.

They are partnering with Unlocking DOORS, a re-entry brokerage firm that assists former offenders by arranging services like housing and job retraining.

"This project will transcend regional re-entry issues and create a framework that can be adapted to similar conditions nationally," says Dr. Davis.

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