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Assistant Professor Kyrah Brown

Health Check

Improving outcomes for Black women

Researchers in the Maternal and Child Health Equity Lab are investigating social and health system factors that disproportionately impact the...

Professor George Alexandrakis

Anemia Answer

Detecting iron-carrying proteins

Doctors treating patients with anemia may soon gain a valuable tool. Bioengineering Associate Professor George Alexandrakis is collaborating with Southern...

Illustration by Harry Campbell


Detecting Alzheimer’s disease earlier

Computer Science and Engineering Assistant Professor Won Hwa Kim is bringing an unusual set of tools to aid in the...


Evaluating bridges more effectively

Civil engineering Professor Nur Yazdani is working with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) on a new approach for assessing...

Assistant Professor Warda Ashraf

Concrete Ideas

Recreating ancient technology today

Assistant Professor Warda Ashraf hopes to unlock the secrets of the ancient world with her newest project. With funding from...

Assistant Professor Rachel Voth Schrag


Economic abuse and hardship

One in four women and nearly one in 10 men experience intimate partner violence (IPV) during their lifetime, according to...

In this excerpt, Dr. Harrison discusses how weather and storm imagery in Boris Pasternak’s Nobel Prize-winning novel Doctor Zhivago runs counter to currents of revolutionary ideology in Soviet life.


The Imagery of Revolution

Pasternak’s novel, like his poetry, centers on the ecstatic beauty and creative power of life.

Closer Look

UTA mural capturing our unusual moment in history

On their way to process covid-19 tests, masked and gowned staffers of UTA’s North Texas Genome Center walk past a unique piece of art.

The State of Research

UTA reached a series of milestones in 2018, 2019, and 2020