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Data-Driven Discovery

Data fuels important decisions at every level of society. The exponential growth and availability of big data presents numerous challenges and opportunities. It is voluminous, fast, increasingly complex, and comes in a range of formats. But if managed effectively, big data can deliver powerful benefits. It can result in more accurate analyses in fields ranging from health care to genomics to business informatics to physics. More accurate analyses lead to more confident decision-making. And better decisions can mean greater operational efficiencies, cost reductions, and decreased risk.

Quick Hits

Data Science

Computer science Professor Gautam Das, Assistant Professor Won Hwa Kim, and alumna Senjuti Basu Roy are helping make data more usable by increasing the role of humans in the data science pipeline.

Sharma Chakravarthy

Computer science Professor Sharma Chakravarthy is investigating ways to develop a process by which data points in multiple graph layers of a large dataset can be connected in a highly scalable way that also allows analysts to look at it in greater depth.

Autonomous vehicles

Electrical engineering Professor Frank Lewis and Associate Professors Yan Wan and Ali Davoudi are working to improve control of networked convoys that include autonomous vehicles and those operated by humans.

Data-Driven Discovery Stories