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Global Environmental Impact

As concerned citizens of the global community, we must recognize and live within environmental limits. Future generations will survive only if we maintain the delicate balance of our planet through thoughtful stewardship of its natural resources. With the world's population exceeding 7.5 billion, the need to conserve these essential elements is increasingly critical. Becoming more environmentally efficient helps us better manage our shrinking water supply, clean the air we breathe, reduce our carbon footprint, and protect our biodiversity.

Quick Hits

North American lizard

Biology doctoral students Jose Maldonado and T.J. Firneno—both part of Associate Professor Matt Fujita’s lab—published two new genomic studies that could aid in conservation efforts for two North American lizard species and a Central American toad.

Kathleen Smits

Associate Professor Kathleen Smits is developing a gas-sensing protocol to help industry and regulators monitor underground natural gas leaks in real time.


Warda Ashraf

Civil engineering Assistant Professor Warda Ashraf, chemistry Associate Professor Frank Foss, and materials science and engineering Assistant Professor Erika La Plante are developing new concrete materials that leave more environmentally friendly footprints.

Global Environmental Impact Stories