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Sustainable Communities

Developing more sustainable communities is vital to strengthening our economy, enhancing everyday life, and providing a foundation for lasting prosperity. Opportunities abound to make urban regions more livable, including reducing pollution, preserving ecosystems, and offering a variety of transportation and housing choices. Today's urban communities demand better building design, land-use planning, and improved infrastructure. They also broaden horizons and enlighten minds through cultural, recreational, and educational programs.

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Assistant Professor of Research Katie Kam, Professor Steve Mattingly, and Assistant Professors Kate Hyun and Taylor Li are investigating the effectiveness of implementing green pavement markings to denote where bicyclists share the road with motorists.

Ali Abolmaali

Ali Abolmaali, chair of the Civil Engineering Department, is working with the city of Lubbock to inspect, analyze, and report on the remaining service life of 3.5 miles of pressure pipe that carries water to users.

Sahadat Hossain

Sahadat Hossain, professor and director of the Solid Waste Institute for Sustainability, is studying the use of recycled plastic pins to repair deep-seated failures on embankments and the areas around highway bridges.

Sustainable Communities Stories