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UTA’s first Jefferson Science Fellow

Illustration of John Garrigus

Illustration by Lara Tomlin

Business Professor Edmund Prater is the first person from UT Arlington to be appointed a Jefferson Science Fellow by the National Academy of Sciences.

The fellowship program is designed to help the U.S. government leverage the expertise of academic scientists, engineers, and physicians. It requires one year of service in the State Department or the U.S. Agency for International Development on-site in Washington, D.C., and overseas.

“I’m one of the few people in my family to have not served in the military. I want to serve,” says Dr. Prater, who also is executive director of the Veterans Business Outreach Center. “I believe in service, and I believe I owe this country my service. This was an opportunity for me to do that.”

His expertise is multidimensional, but focuses on global supply chains, logistics operations, and entrepreneurship. In addition to his doctorate in business, Prater earned three engineering degrees from the Georgia Institute of Technology and has owned businesses in the United States and Russia.

In his nomination letter, Interim President Teik C. Lim wrote that Prater is “a distinguished scholar, tireless leader, and role model for our youth, and he is most deserving of this opportunity.”

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