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VP Dispatch

A Point of Transition

After achieving Texas Tier One, UTA focuses on new goals

James P. Grover

James P. Grover. Illustration by Lara Tomlin

This is the year that the University of Texas at Arlington was recognized by the state of Texas as a research university of national stature, a status often referred to as “Tier One.” The story of our path to this distinction is told in this feature story. Although the final notice of this achievement came in the past year, it was no surprise to the many people who worked hard to accomplish it.

Though much of the past year was spent waiting for our report of the qualifying data to receive certification by state audit, we were not idle. UTA’s researchers have been more productive than ever. Research expenditures supported by the federal government and by all sponsors continued their impressive rise. These numbers demonstrate the growing strength of our research enterprise, and they are the payoff of over a decade of hard work and investment.

We now stand at a point of transition. For many years, we strove to attain Tier One recognition in Texas; that work is done. We must turn our labors toward the national stage. Our research accomplishments must continue, but we must also commit to maintaining our important role as an accessible, diverse, urban-serving university that creates social mobility and better lives for our students and their families.

We should strive to be a university that truly emphasizes opportunity alongside excellence. We should strive to provide the insights and innovations that help a diverse society achieve wellness, security, and prosperity in a complex, challenging world. As reported here, this year we welcome our 10th president, and the first woman to lead our University. We will begin a new era, one in which we define a new model for a great research university of national importance.

Go Mavericks,
James P. Grover
Interim Vice President for Research

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