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Spring 2018

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A Look Ahead

Breakthroughs in biomedical imaging may help doctors track tumor growth. 

Tumor micro-structures

A high-resolution in vivo ultrasound-switchable fluorescence image of tumor micro-structures.

In recent years, UTA has made important breakthroughs in biomedical imaging. One key contributor has been Associate Professor Baohong Yuan, who is working to optimize deep-tissue imaging technology to allow better monitoring of tumor growth.

Current imaging technology doesn't always offer the detail needed for early cancer detection, especially in deep tissue.

"Right now, there's a tradeoff," Dr. Yuan says. "You can get images of large areas, but they don't offer the detail needed, or you can get detail in a very small and thin area. The goal is to clearly look into deep and large tissue and possibly determine the variation of tumor micro-structures or even the movement of cancer cells. Thus, monitoring cancer metastasis in a natural environment may be possible, which is important for cancer treatment."

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