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Audit Governance

Internal Oversite

The Institutional Audit Committee is an essential component of the risk management and internal control infrastructure of UT Arlington. Its primary responsibilities are to assist the President in the:

  • Oversight and direction of the institution’s internal auditing function,
  • Oversight of the institution’s processes to manage business and financial risks,
  • Oversight of the institution’s financial statement preparation process,
  • Oversight of any external public accounting firms hired by the institution, and
  • Reporting of risk management and audit activity to the appropriate U.T. System executive vice-chancellor and, through the director of System Audits, to the Audit, Compliance, and Management Review Committee of the Board of Regents (ACMRC).

Institutional Audit Committee Members

Voting Members

Rose, Randal


Lim, Teik

President ad interim

Aswath, Pranesh Interim Provost and Vice PResident for Academic Affairs

Boseman, Shelby

Chief Legal Officer

Carrol, Bill

Professor of Computer Science and Engineering

Davis, Kelly

Chief Financial Officer and Vice President

Dombroski, Harry

Dean, College of Business

Frimpong, Stephen

Vice President, Internal Audit, Kimberly-Clark Corp.

Gutierrez, Brian

Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, Texas Christian University

Hall, John

Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations

Washington, Jewel

Chief Human Resources Officer

Non-Voting Members

Chapman, Jennifer

Institutional Compliance and Ethics Officer

Hood, Jean

Vice President for Human Resources

Price, David

Chief Audit Executive

UT System Oversight

The CAE of the Office of Internal Audits has an indirect reporting relationship to the UT System chief audit executive who has responsibility for oversight of the internal auditing activity for the UT System and has the reporting responsibility for all institutions to the Audit, Compliance, and Management Review Committee (ACMRC) of the Board of Regents.

External Oversight

The Texas Internal Audit Act (Texas Government Code, Chapter 2102) requires certain state agencies and higher education institutions to submit an annual report of audit activities and provide copies of audit reports to the Governor’s Office, the Legislative Budget Board, the Sunset Advisory Commission, and the State Auditor’s Office.


If you are aware of a fraudulent act that was committed by a member of the UT Arlington campus community, you have the responsibility to notify either your supervisor, the appropriate Administrator, Office of Audit and Consulting Services and/or the UT Arlington Police Department. Employees who in good faith report unlawful activity are protected by the Texas Whistle-Blower Act against retaliation.

To report fraud, waste or abuse at UT Arlington, contact the Ethics Hotline at 1-877-507-7314, or email You can also contact the State Auditor’s Office at: 
1-800-TXAUDIT (1-800-892-8348), or online at