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Alternative Breaks

Alternative Breaks

Pack your bags, let’s change the world!

Alternative Breaks is a student organization that plans service trips for UTA students to attend over the academic breaks. Through service, work, and education, we foster the personal growth of our participants.

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Trip 1: A Home for Life: Dallas, TX

AIDS Services of Dallas (ASD) provides housing and support services for individuals and families living with or impacted by HIV/AIDS. The mission of ASD is to create and strengthen healthy communities through the delivery of quality, affordable, service-enriched housing for individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS. Come work with us as we learn ways to combat the affordable housing crisis in Dallas.


Trip 2:  Wildlife Weekend: Fossil Rim Wildlife Research Center (Glen Rose, TX)

Fossill Rim is an 1,800 acre park for animal and land conservation focusing the majority of their efforts on threatened species and endangered species such as the Addax and Addra Gazelle. They represent 1,100 animals, and are home to 50 plus species of native and non-native. 

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