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UTA 3D Printed Aircraft 2018 Competition

Event Details, Flyer, FAQs, Sponsorship

UTA will host its 2nd Annual 3D Printed Aircraft Competition July 14, 2018 at Maverick Stadium in Arlington, Texas. As 3D printing technologies have expanded the design space for many applications, the challenge of leveraging this design freedom for improved performance while satisfying fabrication process constraints has likewise increased. This competition challenges students to
• Integrate design and advanced manufacturing to maximize mission performance
• Design within 3D printing process and material constraints
• Develop lightweight, manufacturable airframe configurations
• Leverage direct digital manufacturing technologies
• Develop team and hands-on design experience

Registration deadline: January 31, 2018
Design Submission deadline: May 31, 2018

Aircraft check-in date: July 13, 2018 by 4:00 pm
Fly-off date: July 14, 2018
Fly-off location: UTA Football Stadium

Thanks to our generous sponsors for making this event possible:




Senior Design Presentations

2017 Senior Design Presentations

2016 Senior Design Presentations 

The Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department Senior Design teams make their first-semester project presentations including innovative work in areas as diverse as automated aquaponics, battle robots, and composite pressure cylinders.

Brown Bag Seminars:
Every Wed. noon-1:00 pm, Woolf Hall room 402

Date, Speaker, Title, Advisor

February 14, Manjarik Mrinal

Self-Rotation-Induced Propulsion of a Leidenfrost Drop on a Ratchet, Adnan MAE

February 21, Ian Maynard

Reverse Engineering Apollo 11: A Project Engineering Case Study, Chudoba MAE

February 28, Darshan Ravoori

Experimental Study of Temperature Profile in FDM Additive Manufacturing Process, Jain MAE

March 7, Kiarash Seyed Alavi

Generic Sizing analysis of launch vehicles, Chudoba MAE

March 21, Ashley Guy

Adaptive Scaling in Molecular Dynamic Simulation, Bowling MAE

March 28, Mohammad Parhizi

Theoretical Analysis of Phase Change Material Melting Process for Thermal Management of Li-ion Cells, Jain MAE

March 28, Karan Vishnu Rao

Robot Motion Tracking using Time-of-flight and Structured Light Sensors for Indoor Navigation, Subbarao MAE

April 4, Abhinav Prasad

Experiment and Simulation for Thermal Performance of Li-ion Battery in Hoverboards, Jain MAE

April 11, Vatsal Joshi

Simulation of Granular Flow, Bowling MAE

April 11, Roopak Karulkar

Simulation and Control of a Robotic Manipulator using ROS, Subbarao MAE

April 18, Rajnish Bhusal

Uncertainity Quantification, Subbarao MAE

April 18, Diganta Bhattacharjee

Flight Dynamics of Flapping MAVs/UAVs, Subbarao MAE

April 25, Hardik Prajapati

Improved Build Direction Thermal Conductivity by Post Thermal Processing in Additive Manufacturing, Jain MAE

April 25, Vimalan Adaikalanathan

Numerical Modelling of Alloy Droplet Depositions, Tong MAE

Graduate Seminar Series: 
Every Friday 2:00-2:50 pm, Woolf Hall room 402

Date, Speaker, Title

January 26, Dr. Yogendra Yoshi

Thermal Management and Design Approaches to Enable Heterogeneous 3D Integration

February 2, Dr. Robert Taylor

Lightweight Structural Design for Additive Manufacture: Ensuring Reliability with High Variability Processes

February 9, Dr. Ankur Jain

Safety of Li-ion Batteries – A Thermal Engineering Perspective

February 16, Dr. Luca Maddalena

New 1.6MW Plasma Arc-Heated Hypersonic Wind Tunnel: An Overview of this ONR-DARPA Co-Sponsored Project

February 23, Dr. Ill Ryu


March 2, Dr. Kamesh Subbarao

Performance Optimization in Coorperative Aerospace Systems

March 9, Dr. Phillippe Geubelle

Computational Analysis and Design of Biomimetic Microvascular Composites for High Temperature Applications

March 23, Dr. Christine E. Hailey


March 30


April 6, Dr. Phil Bayly

Making Waves: Using Dynamics to Understand the Behavior of Cells and Tissues

April 13, Student Speakers


April 20, Dr. Matthew Brake

Tribomechadynamics: The Emergence of a New Field at the Confluence of Tribology, Contact Mechanics, and Structural Dynamics

April 27, Dr. Denis Cormier

Metal Additive Manufacturing Via Magnetohydrodynamic Droplet Jetting

May 4, Dr. Usha Philipose


AHS logo

American Helicopter Society Student Chapter

The American Helicopter Society UT Arlington Chapter belongs to the premier professional organization for Vertical Lift Technology. This includes military and civilian helicopters, tilt-rotors, tilt-wings, VTOL aircraft, and UAV's.

The chapter at UT Arlington is the oldest in the nation, initiated in 1967. It was recently re-initiated in 2016 by Amber Zuehl, and since then we have toured Bell Helicopter, had professional speakers, volunteered at STEM outreach events, and had members attend forums. Our members have gained knowledge in this field of engineering, and have had several opportunities to highlight their college career with volunteering and networking outside of pure academics.

There are no dues required; members of the national American Helicopter Society are automatically members of the UTA Chapter once they contact our recruitment officer.

Regular Meeting Times: There are no regular meeting times, be sure to pay attention to your e-mails for announced events or catch us at an orientation session! We hold events about twice a month. Feel free to contact us anytime for upcoming events.

Contact: Leonardo Piñero, Chapter President: or Ikenna Okoye, Chapter Recruiter:

To learn more about the AHS:


Aero Mavericks Weekly Meetings

  • The Rocketry Division meets on Mondays at noon in Woolf Hall 308
  • The Fixed Wing Division meets on Wednesdays at noon in Woolf Hall 208
  • The Research Division meets on Fridays at 5 pm in Woolf Hall 210

Contact President, for additional information.





  • Monthly Meetings


Formula SAE:
Every Wed. 7:00 pm, Woolf Hall room 100

  • Weekly Meetings, interested students are welcome to attend



ROVER logo

R.O.V.E.R. Society: 
Weekly Meetings, Woolf Hall room 200 or 410

  • Controls/Visions Systems, Wednesdays: 5:00-5:30 pm
  • Drive/Suspension, Wednesdays and Thursdays: 2:00-3:00 pm
  • Arm and Gripper, Mondays: 12:00 noon-1:00 pm
  • Proof of Life Sample Return, Tuesdays and Wednesdays: 11:00-12:30 pm


For additional information, contact