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Research Facilities, Labs, Groups

Advanced Materials and Structures Laboratory 225 WH
Aerodynamics Research Center (ARC) 915 Speer Street
Advanced Sensor Technology Laboratory  
Air Flow Bench 109 WH
Automotive Shop 121 WH
Automotive Design Formula SAE 104 WH
Aerospace Vehicle Design Laboratory 244 GeoScience
Comp Fluid Dynamics 314 WH
Composite Structures 111 WH
Composites/Structures/Materials 120 WH
Electronic Packaging Center 312 WH
Fluid Controls
Heat Transfer 112 WH
Integrated Micro/Nanofluidics 218 WH
Manufacturing Automation and Robotic Systems (MARS) 123 WH
Autonomous Vehicles Laboratory (AVL) 223 WH
Multiscale Mechanics and Physics Lab (MMPL) 324 WH
Robotics, Biomechanics, and Dynamic Systems Laboratory 410 WH
Smart and Tailored Composites Laboratory 110 WH
Turbomachinery and Energy Systems Laboratory 226 ELB
Wind Tunnel (Low Speed) 221-A WH
Wind Energy Research Laboratory 110 WH