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Teaching and Supporting Facilities

Aerospace Systems Lab - 106 WH

CAD (PC) - 318, 320 & 322 WH

Design Lab (CACSDL) - 315J WH

Design Graphics Computer Lab - 406 WH

Freshman Design Lab - 313 WH

Measurements I - 319 WH

Measurements II - 219 WH

Supporting Facilities

Machine Shop - 116 WH: The Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Machine Shop is a multi-purpose machine shop providing students and faculty with on-campus service in the areas of material milling, lathe work, fabrication and design assistance. The majority of the clients in the machine shop are engineering students and faculty with specific machining needs pertaining to their particular areas of project research and prototype development. It is the responsibility of the shop supervisor, Mr. Kermit Beird, to create parts ready for assembly using computer-aided drawings rendered by students and faculty. To accomplish this, Mr. Beird utilizes machines such as mills for stationary part machining, lathes for rotational part machining, drill presses, band saws, welders and grinders. Addition of both a CNC lathe and a CNC mill allows for a wider and more varied range of fabricated parts. The MAE shop also provides contract service to other departments in the Colleges of Engineering and Science, as well as student groups in other areas in need of machine shop services.