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Fluid Mechanics, Aerodynamics and Propulsion

The departmental laboratories contain diverse modern equipment and instruments, permitting a varied experimental program. These include laboratories for automatic controls and systems engineering, fluid power and fluids, automotive engineering, computer-aided design and manufacturing, dynamics and vibration, materials science, composite materials, smart structures, robotics, thermal sciences, computational and experimental fluid dynamics, turbulence, aerodynamics, aerothermodynamics, propulsion, flight dynamics, guidance, navigation, and control.

Research Faculty in Fluid Mechanics, Aerodynamics, and Propulsion

Dr. Brian Dennis Dr. Brian Dennis | Faculty Profile
Associate Professor | WH 316C | (817) 272-7379
Computation fluid dynamics; multidisciplinary design optimization; finite element methods applied to fluid & solid mechanics, heat transfer, and electromagnetics; inverse problems; parallel computing including the design, construction, and programming of Beowulf-type PC clusters; development of high performance computing software, unstructured mesh generation and deformation.

Dr. Zhen Zue Han Dr. Zhen Xue Han | Faculty Profile
Senior Lecturer and AE Undergraduate Advisor | WH 204B | (817) 272-7376
Computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer; air-breathing propulsion system; turbomachinary; multidisciplinary design optimization.

Dr. Frank Lu Dr. Frank Lu | Faculty Profile
Professor and Director of the Aerodynamics Research Center| NH 249 | (817) 272-2083
Fluid dynamics, shock and viscous phenomena, aerodynamic heating, jets and sprays, supersonic and hypersonic flows, propulsion, detonation, fuel reformation and power production, fail-safe construction, shape memory alloys, natural convection, flow visualization, and instrumentation and facility development.

Dr. Luca Maddalena Dr. Luca Maddalena | Faculty Profile
Assistant Professor | WH 225 | (817) 272-1123
Hypersonic air-breathing propulsion; Injection, mixing and combustion in high-speed flows; Vortex dynamics; Experimental fluid dynamics; Instrumentation; Advanced propulsion configurations.