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The University of Texas at ArlingtonThe University of Texas at Arlington

College of Science


Mathematically Aligned Vertical Strands Program

Connecting Mathematics, Research, Pedagogy and Outreach for GK-12 Fellows and Teachers

GK-12 Building Relationships Between Students, Teachers, and Fellows

  • The K-12 students in the MAVS Fellows' classrooms gain an insight for the usefulness and beauty of mathematics and acquire a disposition toward inquiry that will be life changing.
  • The MAVS Fellows benefit by learning to communicate mathematics at various levels of sophistication.
  • The K-12 teachers experience a change in what they know and believe about mathematics that will strongly mpact their instructional decisions and actions (Thompson, 1992).


The GK-12 MAVS project provides a seamless transition in mathematics that spans the school curriculum and bridges to research-level mathematics. It involves mathematics research faculty, graduate students, teachers, administrators, and K-12 students. The MAVS partnership builds upon a longstanding collaboration between The University of Texas at Arlington’s (UT Arlington) Arlington Independent School District (AISD) for improving mathematics education in its schools.

Impact of GK-12 in the Classroom; Mentor Teacher, Kimberly Helixon Sam Houston High School Math Teacher