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Careers in Math

What can you do with a degree in mathematics? Almost anything! As our society and economy become more and more technology-oriented, there is an increasing demand for people with strong skills in mathematics. While teaching, academic research, and government research labs continue to hire a large number of math graduates, students with math degrees also find great career opportunities in many other sectors, including finance, insurance, and pharmaceutical industry. A recent study published in The Wall Street Journal ranked Mathematician as the best job among 200 professions surveyed by the study. It's a great time to study math, just as the Business Week magazine puts it in a cover story: Math will Rock your World!

The following are some helpful links with more career information for mathematicians.

Career Resources

For a collection of biographies and profiles of famous mathematicians you can visit the following web sites:

For applications of mathematics in science, nature, technology, and human culture that impact our everyday life, from improving facial reconstruction surgery to identifying tampered digital photos to solving crimes, please visit the following web sites: