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We take pride in the accomplishments of our alumni and want to continue to be your lifelong learning partner. We hope you will share your successes in life with us by sending an email announcement to the Mathematics Department at math@uta.edu.

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    Yinlin Dong, Aug 2017
    Thesis: Mathematical Methods for Vortex Identification with Application on Shock Wave Vortex Ring Interaction
    Advisor: Dr. Chaoqun Liu

    Sat Byul Seo, Aug 2017
    Thesis: Evoked and Spontaneous Neurotransmitter Releases For Independent Synaptic Currents: Mathematical Modeling and Analysis
    Advisor: Dr. Jianzhong Su

    Jie Tang, Aug 2017
    Thesis: Stability Study on Shear Flow and Vortices in Late Boundary Layer Transition
    Advisor: Dr. Chaoqun Liu

    Ting Luo, Aug 2017
    Thesis: A Study on Traveling Wave Solutions in the Shallow-Water-Type System
    Advisor: Dr. Yue Liu

    Yong Yang, Aug 2017
    Thesis: High Order DNS for Vortex Structure in Late Flow Transition
    Advisor: Dr. Chaoqun Liu

    Sl Ghi Choi, Aug 2017
    Thesis: Image Reconstruction from Incomplete Radon Data and Generalized Principal Component Analysis
    Advisor: Dr. Gaik Ambartsoumian

    Junwei Sun, Aug 2017
    Thesis: A Study on the Nonlocal Shallow-Water Model Arising From the Full Water Waves with the Coriolis Effect
    Advisor: Dr. Yue Liu

    Andrew Dale Cavaness, Aug 2017
    Thesis: Simple Weight Modules of the Lie Algebra of Vector Fields of C2
    Advisor: Dr. Dimitar Grantcharov

    Robert Cavender Campbell, Aug 2017
    Thesis: Characterizing College Algebra Students' Mathematical Problem Solving
    Advisor: Dr. James Alvarez

    Ivan Ojeda Ruiz, Aug 2017
    Thesis: Normalized Cut Problems with Generalized Linear Constraints
    Advisor: Dr. Ren-cang Li

    Hassan Abd Salman Al-Dujaly, May 2017
    Thesis: Weighted Upwinding Compact Scheme for Shock Capturing
    Advisor: Dr. Chaoqun Liu

    Basanti Sharma Poudyal, May 2017
    Thesis: Existence of Exact Zero Divisors and Totally Reflexive Modules in Artinian Rings
    Advisor: Dr. David Jorgensen

    Afshan Boodhwani, May 2017
    Thesis: Nonparametric Adaptive Distribution-Free Procedure for Crossover Design with Repeated Measures
    Advisor: Dr. Shan Sun-Mitchell

    Honggaung Xi, 2016
    Thesis: A Harmonic Function Method for EEG Source Reconstruction
    Advisor: Dr. Jianzhong Su

    Melinda Au, 2016
    Thesis: Three-Dimensional Image Reconstruction (3direct) of Sparse Signals with Mri Application
    Advisor: Dr. Ren-cang Li

    Piyachart Wiangnak, 2016
    Thesis: Likelihood Based Inference for COM-Poisson Cure Rate Model with Interval Censored Data
    Advisor: Dr. Suvra Pal

    Xi Chen, 2016
    Thesis: Numerical Construction of Diffeomorphism and the Application to Grid Generation and Image Registration
    Advisor: Dr. Guojun Liao

    Christopher Mitchell, 2016
    Thesis: Calculating Reproductive Numbers for Periodic Epidemic Systems
    Advisor: Dr. Christopher Kribs

    Nathan Steele, 2016
    Thesis: Support and Rank Varieties of Totally-Acyclic Complexes
    Advisor: Dr. David Jorgensen

    Rachel Traylor, 2016
    Thesis: Stochastic reliability models for a general server and related networks
    Advisor: Dr. Andrzej Korzeniowski

    John Griffis, 2016
    Thesis: Representations of the Extended Poincare Superalgebras in Four Dimensions
    Advisor: Dr. Dimitar Grantcharov

    Richard Chandler, 2016
    Thesis: On the Quantum Spaces of Some Quadratic Regular Algebras of Global Dimension Four
    Advisor: Dr. Michaela Vancliff

    Ahmed Ali, 2016
    Thesis: Bisection method for the banded hyperbolic quadratic eigenvalue problem
    Advisor: Dr. Rencang Li

    Justin Blackwell, 2015
    Thesis: Numerical Methods for Spontaneous and Evoked Glutamate Release
    Advisor: Dr. Jianzhong Su

    Daniel Wood, 2015
    Thesis: Advancements and Applications of Nonstandard Finite Difference Methods
    Advisor: Dr. Hristo Kojouharov
    Position Obtained: Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA

    Wilber Ventura, 2015
    Thesis: On Solving Forward-Backward SDEs
    Advisor: Dr. Andrzej Korzeniowski

    Pengcheng Xiao, 2015
    Thesis: A Modeling Study in The Regulation Of Stress On Neuronal Plasticity
    Advisor: Dr. Jianzhong Su

    Julie Sutton, 2015
    Thesis: The Influence Of Dynamic Visualization On Undergraduate Calculus Learning
    Advisor: Dr. James Alvarez

    Rachel Goodwin, 2015
    Thesis: Some Multivariate Process Capability Indices
    Advisor: Dr. Chien-Pai Han

    Carl Looney, 2015
    Thesis: Finite M-Inverse Loops and Quasigroups with a Long Inverse Cycle
    Advisor: Dr. Minerva Cordero-Epperson

    Allie Ray, 2015
    Thesis: Nilpotent Lie Algebras and Nilmanifolds Constructed from Graphs
    Advisor: Dr. Ruth Gornet

    Scott Lacy, 2015
    Thesis: Property D-Cyclic Neofields
    Advisor: Dr. Minerva Cordero-Epperson

    Zhengjie Wang, 2015
    Thesis: Construction of Weighted Upwind Compact Scheme
    Advisor: Dr. Chaoqun Liu

    Thomas Ferguson, 2015
    Thesis: Weight Modules of Orthosymplectic Lie Superalgebras
    Advisor: Dr. Dimitar Grantcharov

    Yousef Alkhezi, 2014
    Thesis: Properties of The Pinched Tensor Product
    Advisor: Dr. David Jorgensen

    Xiao Wang, 2014
    Thesis: Numerical Les For Mvg Controlled Supersonic Ramp Flow
    Advisor: Dr. Chaoqun Liu

    Alicia Machuca, 2014
    Thesis: A method for exact solutions to integrable evolution equations in 2+1 dimensions
    Advisor: Dr. Tuncay Aktosun
    Position Obtained: Assistant Prof Texas Woman's Univ, Denton, TX

    Juan Romero-Padilla, 2014
    Thesis: Estimation of variance in bivariate normal distribution after preliminary test of homogeneity
    Advisor: Dr. Chien-Pai Han

    Kelly Aman, 2014
    Thesis: Application of cubical arrays in the study of finite semifields
    Advisor: Dr. Minerva Cordero-Eppeson

    Denise Rangel 2014
    Thesis: Representation theory of totally reflexive modules over Non-Gerenstein rings
    Advisor: Dr. David Jorgensen

    Larrissa Owens, 2014
    Thesis: Differential equation models of foreign body fibrotic reactions for assessing roles of macrophage phenotypes and mesenchymal stem cells
    Advisor: Dr. Jianzhong Su

    Mehmet Unlu, 2014
    Thesis: A generalized approach to Darboux transformations for differential equations
    Advisor: Dr. Tuncay Aktosun
    Position Obtained: Asst Prof, Recep Tayyip Erdogan University, Turkey

    Huankun Fu, 2013
    Thesis: High Order Numerical Schemes for PDEs and Applications to CFD
    Advisor: Dr. Chaoqun Liu

    Manoj Kumar Thapa, 2013
    Thesis: Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) Study for the Origin of Flow Chaos in late Boundary Layer Transition over a Flat Plate
    Advisor: Dr. Chaoqun Liu

    Juan A Licea Salazar, 2013
    Thesis: The Polynomial Chaos Method with Applications to Random Differential Equations
    Advisor: Dr. Benito Chen-Charpentier

    Xiaoyang Dong, 2013
    Thesis: Mathematical Models of Nutrient Recycling and Toxin Production in a Gradostat
    Advisor: Dr. Hristo Kojouharov
    Position Obtained: Senior Associate (Analyst), Phoenix Analytics Center, Discover Financial Services, Phoenix, AZ

    Daoying Lin, 2013
    Thesis: Haplotype Based Statistical Inference for Case Control Genetic Association Studies with Complex Sampling
    Advisor: Dr. Yan Li

    Ibrahim Oumar Diakite, 2013
    Thesis: Effects of Discrete Time Delays and Parameters Variation on Dynamical Systems
    Advisor: Dr. Benito Chen-Charpentier

    Weichao Wang, 2013
    Thesis: Numerical Studies for M Matrix Algebraic Riccati Equations
    Advisor: Dr. Rencang Li

    Aubrey Rhoden, 2013
    Thesis: Applications and Adaption of a Globally Convergent Method in Inverse Problems
    Advisor: Dr. Jianzhong Su

    Byungsoo Moon, 2013
    Thesis: A Study on the Generalized Two-Component Hunter-Saxton System and Burger αβ Equations
    Advisors: Dr. Yue Liu and Tuncay Aktosun

    Thomas Seaquist, 2013
    Thesis: Optimal Stopping for Markov Modulated Ito Diffusions with Applications to Finance
    Advisor: Dr. Andrzej Korzeniowski

    Katsuhiro Uechi, 2013
    Thesis: Smooth Quantile Processes for Right Censored Data
    Advisor: Dr. Shan Sun-Mitchell

    Padmini Veerapan, 2013
    Thesis: Point Modules over Regular Graded Clifford Algebras
    Advisor: Dr. Michaela Vancliff
    Position Obtained: 2013-Present, Tenure-track at Tennessee Technological University

    Charles K Garrett, 2013
    Thesis: Numerical Integration of Matrix Riccati Differential Equations with Solution Singularities
    Advisor: Dr. Rencang Li

    Alicia Prieto Langarica, 2012
    Thesis: From Discrete to Continuous Models of Cell Movement: An Application to Medical Implants
    Advisor: Dr. Hristo Kojouharov
    Position Obtained: Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Youngstown State University, Youngstown, OH

    Lin Lin Chen, 2012
    Thesis: On Primitivity and Dimension of Finite Semifields and Their Planes
    Advisor: Dr. Minerva Cordero-Epperson

    Caixia Chen, 2012
    Thesis: A Study on the Two Component Periodic Shallow Water Systems
    Advisor: Dr. Yue Liu

    Jared Painter, 2012
    Thesis: Resolutions and Tor Algebra Structures for Trivariate Monomial Ideals
    Advisor: Dr. David Jorgensen

    Angela Brown, 2012
    Thesis: New Results in Finite Geometries Pertaining to Albert-like Seminfields
    Advisor: Dr. Minerva Cordero-Epperson

    Britnee Crawford, 2012
    Thesis: Effects of Vector Migration on Sylvatic Trypanosoma Cruzi Transmission
    Advisor: Dr. Christopher Kribs Zaleta
    Position Obtained: Assistant Professor of Math at Dallas Baptist University

    Yonghua Yan, 2012
    Thesis: High Order LES for Supersonic Ramp Flow Control With MVG
    Advisor: Dr. Chaoqun Liu

    Ping Lu, 2012
    Thesis: High Order DNS for Late Flow Transition
    Advisor: Dr. Chaoqun Liu

    Rim Gouia, 2011
    Thesis: Some Problems of Integral Geometry in Advanced Imaging
    Advisor: Dr. G. Ambartsoumian
    Position Obtained: Assistant Professor of Mathematics at The American University of Sharjah, UAE

    Kristen Beck, 2011
    Thesis: On the Existence of Totally Reflexive Modules
    Advisor: Dr. D. Jorgensen

    James Thompson, 2011
    Thesis: High Order Compact Scheme for Discontinuous Differential Equations
    Advisor: Dr. C. Liu

    Manizheh Nafari, 2011
    Thesis: Regular Algebras Related to Regular Graded Skew Clifford Algebras of Low Global Dimension
    Advisor: Dr. M. Vancliff
    Position obtained:
    2011-2012: Adjunct faculty at UTA
    2012-2013: Adjunct faculty at University of Toledo
    2013-2014: Adjunct faculty at DePaul University

    Zhang, Jianchun: 2010
    Thesis: Dissertation: Conditional Confidence Intervals of Process Capability Indices Following Rejection of Preliminary Tests
    Advisor: Dr. C.-P. Han

    Salako, Stephen Taiwo: 2009
    Thesis: Optimal Control Approach to Image Registration
    Advisor: Dr. G. Liao

    Dawkins, Paul Christian: 2009
    Thesis: Non-Traditional Socio-Mathematical Norms in Undergraduate Real Analysis
    Advisor: Dr. J. Epperson

    Ferim, Richard Nzagong: 2009
    Thesis: Adaptive Nonparametric Distribution-Free Procedures in Factorial Data Analysis
    Advisor: Dr. S. Sun-Mitchell

    Perez Gonzalez, Humberto: 2009
    Thesis: Analysis and Simulation in Neuron and Fibrosis Models
    Advisor: Dr. J. Su

    Hughes, Meri Trema: 2009
    Thesis: The Uniqueness of Minimal Acyclic Complexes
    Advisor: Dr. D. Jorgensen

    Riley, Fransell: 2009
    Thesis: Testing the Equality of Regression Coefficients and A Pooling Methodology from Multiple Samples when the Data is Multicollinear
    Advisor: Dr. C.-P. Han

    Dong, Nathan: 2009
    Thesis: Logistic Regression with Misclassified Covariates Using Auxiliary Data
    Advisor: Dr. D.L. Hawkins

    Oprisan, Adina: 2009
    Thesis: Large Deviation Principle For Functional Limit Theorems
    Advisor: Dr. A. Korzeniowski

    Pantong, Natee: 2009
    Thesis: A Globally Convergent Numerical Method for Coefficient Inverse Problems
    Advisor: Dr. J. Su

    Akinlar, Mehmet Ali: 2009
    Thesis: A New Method for Nonrigid Registration of 3D Images
    Advisor: Dr. G. Liao

    Oliveira, Maria Luisa Bambozzi: 2009
    Thesis: High-Order Numerical Schemes for High-Speed Flows
    Advisor: Dr. C. Liu

    Saha, Snehanshu: 2008
    Dissertation: A Study on the B Family of Shallow Water Wave Equations
    Advisor: Dr. D. Liu

    Mo, Min: 2008
    Dissertation: Estimating Absolute Transcript Concentration for Microarrays using Langmuir Adsorption Theory
    Advisor: Dr. D. L. Hawkins

    Busse, Theresa: 2008
    Dissertation: Generalized Inverse Scattering Transform for the Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation
    Advisor: Dr. T. Aktosun

    Martines, Ian: 2008
    Dissertation: Mathematical analysis of allelopathy and resource competition models
    Advisor: Dr. H. Kojouharov
    Position Obtained: Assistant Professor, Mathematics Department, St. Mary's University, San Antonio, TX

    Badiu, Florin Vasile: 2008
    Dissertation: Study of Multiple Impacts of a Rigid Body with a Viscoelastic Surface
    Advisor: Dr. Jianzhong Su

    Stern, Paul Russell: 2008
    Dissertation: On Progenitively Koszul Commutative Rings
    Advisor: Dr. David Jorgensen

    Xie, Peng: 2008
    Dissertation: Uniform Weighted Compact/Non-Compact Schemes for Shock/Boundary Layer Interaction
    Advisor: Dr. Chaoqun Liu

    Kirby, Roger Dale: 2007
    Dissertation: Qualitative Behavior of Dynamical Vector Fields
    Advisor: Dr. Gangaram Ladde

    Cai, Jiangang: 2006
    Dissertation: Large Eddy Simulation (LES) for Wingtip Vortex Around an Airfoil
    Advisor: Dr. Chaoqun Liu

    Liu, Jie: 2006
    Dissertation: New Developments of the Deformation Method
    Advisor: Dr. Guojun Liao

    Fleitas, Dionisio: 2005
    Dissertation: The Least-Square Finite Element Method for Grid Deformation and Meshfree Applications
    Advisor: Dr. Goujun Liao

    Deng, Shutian: 2005
    Dissertation: Direct Numerical Simulation for Flow Transition over a Flat Plate
    Advisor: Dr. Chaoqun Liu

    Grantz, Cynthia: 2005
    Dissertation: Asymptotics of the Diameter for Large Random Graphs
    Advisor: Dr. Andrzej Korzeniowski

    Dimitrov, Dobromir: 2005
    Dissertation: Nonstandard Finite Difference Methods for Dynamical Systems with Applications in Mathematical Biology
    Advisor: Dr. Hristo Kojouharov
    Position Obtained: Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN

    Zhu, Xiaoping: 2005
    Dissertation: Preliminary Test and Shrinkage Estimators for the mean of Bivariate Normal Distribution
    Advisor: Dr. Chien-Pai Han

    Kadjo, Hilaire: 2004
    Dissertation: An Age Structured Population Model: Interactions Between Nutrients and Phytoplankton
    Advisor: Dr. Hristo Kojouharov
    Position Obtained: Systems Engineer, Network Centric Systems, ITAS, Raytheon Company, Plano, TX

    Xue, Jiaxing: 2004
    Dissertation: Moving Grids by the Deformation Method
    Advisor: Dr. Guojun Liao

    Morris, William: 2004
    Dissertation: A Meshfree Adaptive Numerical Method
    Advisor: Dr. Guojun Liao

    Nguyen, Vinh; 2003
    Dissertation: Regression Model with Explanatory Variable Subject to Asymmetric Measurement
    Adviser: Dr. Doyle L. Hawkins, Jr.

    Rowe, Nancy Ann; 2003
    Dissertation: Inference in Hazard Models with Random Effects
    Adviser: Dr. Doyle L. Hawkins, Jr.

    Sohaee, Nassim; 2003
    Dissertation: Upward Embedding of Digraphs on the Surfaces
    Adviser: Dr. Irinel Dragan

    Luo, Sheng; 2003
    Dissertation: A Multigrid Method for 2-D MGD Flow Control Analysis
    Adviser: Dr. Chaoqun Liu

    Tran, Bao-Loc Minh; 2002
    Dissertation: Analysis on Fingering Problems in Fluids and Phase Transitions
    Adviser: Dr. Jianzhong Su

    Griffin, Byron Leslie; 2002
    Dissertation: A Study of Stochastic Iterative Processes under Random Structural Perturbations
    Adviser: Dr. Gangaram Ladde

    Hua, Steven Ye; 2001
    Dissertation: Multivariate Failure Time When Only The Time To First Failure Is Observed
    Adviser: Dr. Doyle Hawkins

    Smith, Sally Jane O'Neill; 2001
    Dissertation: Prime And Radical Submodules Of Modules Over Commutative Rings
    Adviser: Dr. Marion Moore

    Choi, Jungmin; 2000
    Dissertation: The Least Squares Method for Hyperbolic Problems
    Adviser: Dr. Pavel Bochev

    Chen, Shiang-Jiun; 2000
    Dissertation: The Finite Element Method of Least Squares Type
    Adviser: Dr. Pavel Bochev

    Hand, Jeffrey; 1999
    Dissertation: Minimization of Error Residuals in Photogrammetry Using the Chebechev Norm
    Adviser: Dr. Jerome Eisenfeld

    Yilmaz, Erol; 1999
    Dissertation: Computations In Algebraic Geometry
    Adviser: Dr. Tie Luo

    Anderson, Patricia; 1999
    Dissertation: Qualitative Features of Solutions of Perturbed
    Differential Equations

    Adviser: Dr. Steve Bernfeld

    Durmus, Soner; 1999
    Dissertation: The Effects of the Use of Technolgy on College Algebra Students' Acheivements and Attitudes towards Mathematics: A Constructivist Approach
    Adviser: Dr. George Fix

    Flint, Donna; 1999
    Dissertation: Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations with Discontinuities
    Adviser: Dr. Rangachary Kannan

    de la Pena, Gary Lee Antonio; 1998
    Dissertation: Adaptive Grid Generation
    Adviser: Dr. Guojun Liao

    Gutzler, Jay; 1998
    Dissertation: On Stability Criterion for Numerical Solution of Stochastic Differential Equations
    Adviser: Dr. Andrzej Korzeniowski

    Anabtawi, Mahmoud; 1998
    Dissertation: A Study of Stochastic Partial Differential Equations
    Adviser: Dr. Ganggaram Ladde

    Potter, Andrew Jay; 1997
    Dissertation: A Generalization of the Shapley Value for Games in Partition
    Function Form: Axioms, Formulas and Potential

    Adviser: Dr. Irinel Dragan

    Voshtina, Oltion; 1997
    Dissertation: Solution Concepts for Some Generalized Cooperative Games
    Adviser: Dr. Irinel Dragan

    Bedivan, Dana Mihaela; 1996
    Dissertation: Least-squares Methods for Optimal Shape Problems
    Adviser: Dr. George Fix

    Krueger, Carole King; 1996
    Dissertation: Monotone Functions of Several Variables
    Adviser:Dr. Rangachary Kannan

    Korlie, Mark; 1996
    Dissertation: Particle Modeling of Liquid Drop Formation on a
    Solid Surface in 3-D

    Adviser: Dr. Donald Greenspan

    Hsu, Chih Ping; 1995
    Dissertation: Algorithms in Geometric Modeling
    Adviser: Dr. George Fix

    Kloser, Richard James; 1995
    Dissertation: Statistical Models for the Frontiers of Radially-Expanding Objects
    Adviser: Dr. Doyle Hawkins

    Yang, Haw-Dai; 1995
    Dissertation: Numerical Construction of Optimal Adaptive Grids in Two Spatial Dimensions
    Adviser: Dr. Tsu-Fen Chen

    Okonkwo, Zephyrinus; 1994
    Dissertation: Control Problems in the Class of Linear Quadratic Systems
    Adviser: Dr. Constantin Corduneanu

    Lawrence, Bonita; 1994
    Dissertation: Qualitative Properties of Systems of Stochastic Differential Equations
    Adviser: Dr. Ganggaram Ladde

    Bapi, Raju Surampudi; 1994
    Dissertation: Neural Network Modeling of the Role of the
    Frontal Lobes in Sequence Classification

    Adviser: Dr. Daniel Levine

    Chung, Hie Choon; 1994
    Dissertation: Discriminant Analysis with Patterned Incomplete Data
    Adviser: Dr. Chien-Pai Han

    Davamani, Jeyaraj; 1994
    Dissertation: Convergence of Iterative Processes arising in the theory of Convex Sets and Convex Functions
    Adviser: Dr. Rangachary Kannan

    Kim, Jeongsook Lee; 1993
    Dissertation: Estimation of Regression Coefficients and Influence Function
    in Multivariate Regression Models with Prior Estimation

    Adviser: Dr. Chien-Pai Han

    Rahimi, Amir Massoud; 1993
    Dissertation: Some Results on Stable Range in Commutative Rings
    Adviser: Dr. Marion Moore

    Coleson, Jay; 1993
    Dissertation: Existence Theorems for Two Semilinear Hyperbolic Equations
    Adviser: Dr. Rangachary Kannan

    Li, Yizeng; 1993
    Dissertation: Global Existence and Stability of Functional Differential Equation
    with Abstract Volterra Type Operator

    Adviser: Dr. Constantin Corduneanu

    Shibberu, Yosi; 1992
    Dissertation: Discrete-Time Hamiltonian Dynamics
    Adviser: Dr. Donald Greenspan

    Mahdavi, Mehran; 1992

    Dissertation: Contribution to the Theory of Functional Differetial Equations
    Involving Abstract Volterra Operators
    Adviser: Dr. Constantin Corduneanu

    Raganath, Shyla; 1992
    Dissertation: Numerical Solution of the 2-D, Steady, Navier Stokes Equations using an Upwind Starter
    Adviser: Dr. Donald Greenspan

    Nagarajan, Narayanaswamy; 1992
    Dissertation: Solution Concepts for Cooperative Games with Leading Coalitions
    Adviser: Dr. Irinel Dragan

    Shin, Jun Yong; 1992
    Dissertation: Study of some Nonlinear Differential Equations arising in Elasticity
    Adviser: Dr. Rangachary Kannan

    Johnson, Ronald; 1991
    Dissertation: Some Computational Differential Geometry Questions in Solid Modeling
    Adviser: Dr. Rangachary Kannan

    Wyatt, Bryant; 1991
    Dissertation: Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Colliding Microdrops of Water
    Adviser: Dr. Donald Greensapn

    Ansari, Ali Asghar; 1990
    Dissertation: Polynomial Controls and their Applications
    Adviser: Dr. Constantin Corduneanu

    Zouyousefain, Mohammad; 1990
    Dissertation: Difference Equation of Volterra Type
    Adviser: Dr. Constantin Corduneanu

    Kelly, Theresa; 1990
    Dissertation: Particle Modeling of an Elastic Arch in Three Dimensions
    Adviser: Dr. Donald Greenspan