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Fall 2016 Seminars and Colloquia

Each year, distinguished research scholars from around the world are invited to present colloquium and seminar lectures in the Department. Please scroll through the site to see all available Seminars and Colloquia.

Mathematics and Statistics Colloquium
Date/Time* Topic/Speaker Room

2:15 PM
"Vertex Algebras and Symplectic Varieties"

Dr. Arakawa, Tokoyuki
Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(Host: Dr. Grantcharov, Dimitar)
PKH 311

3:00 PM
"PDE Tumor Models"

Dr. Hu, Bei
Department of Mathematics
University of Notre Dame
(Host: Dr. Su, Jianzhong)
PKH 311

3:00 PM
“Math, Matrices, and Music”

Dr. Davis, Tim
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Texas A&M University
(Host: Dr. Li, Ren-Cang)
PKH 110


*Refreshments are served shortly after each presentation. Colloquia talks are 50 minutes long, followed by an open-forum discussion with faculty and graduate students.

Special Presentations  

Inverse Problems Seminar  

Applied Mathematics Seminar
Date/Time* Topic/Speaker Room

2:00 PM
"A New Test for Stick-slip Limit Cycles in Dry-friction Oscillators with Small Nonlinear Friction Characteristics"

Dr. Oleg Makarenkov
Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematical Sciences
The University of Texas at Dallas
(Host: Dr. Ren-Cang Li)
PKH 311

*Refreshments are served 30 min. prior to a presentation.

Algebra Seminar

Seminar on Representations and Geometry

(Algebraic Geometry, Algebra and Number Theory)

Mathematics Education Seminar

Probability and Statistics Seminar

GAGA@UTA Seminar
(Geometry And Geometric Analysis)