The University of Texas at Arlington

The University of Texas at Arlington

About Maverick Speakers Series

Mavericks are bold, unique, visionary difference-makers whose ideas need to be heard.

Big ideas, broad impact. The University of Texas at Arlington Maverick Speakers Series provides a forum for today’s brightest minds to examine the people, ideas, actions, and solutions that impact the world around us. This isn’t your average lecture series.

Featuring some of the leading voices of our time, the series is more than just speeches on current events or timely issues. These are thought-provoking conversations led by renowned innovators who make change happen. Because such important discussions need a variety of perspectives, the Maverick Speakers Series invites opinions from all sides, with topics as diverse as the people who present them. And because unrestricted access to such exchanges encourages insight and enrichment beyond the UT Arlington campus, all lectures are free and open to everyone.

Now in its seventh season, the Maverick Speakers Series has attracted tens of thousands of people throughout North Texas and featured Ken Burns, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Thomas Friedman, Cokie Roberts, Bill Nye, Soledad O’Brien, Mark Kelly, Anderson Cooper, and many others.

The Maverick Speakers Series is about making a difference, one big idea at a time. That’s what Mavericks do.