The Department of Modern Languages (MODL) is committed to UTA’s initiative—the Maverick Advantage—which provides undergraduate students with a competitive edge by connecting them with the University’s experiential learning ecosystem. Our MODL Advantage offers students experience with the Five Distinguishing Activities of the Maverick Advantage:

  • Career Preparedness
  • Community Engagement
  • Global Connections
  • Leadership
  • Undergraduate Research

We invite students to participate in these experiential learning opportunities to enhance their career preparedness, dedication to lifelong learning, and appreciation of a diverse and inclusive community.

Career Preparedness

Advance your career with languages! Click here to see what professional opportunities MODL students are prepared for.

MODL provides students with several internship opportunities, as well as employment opportunities with our community partners after graduation.

Some current internships include:

  • Genesis Women's Shelter
  • Teneo Linguistics Company
  • Translation and Interpretation Network
  • Human Rights Initiative of North Texas

For more information about internship opportunities with partner organizations, contact Alicia Rueda-Acedo at Students and alumni also find many opportunities at our annual career fair each fall semester.

Community Engagement

Our department has a strong track record of providing students with service learning and other community engagement opportunities.

For more information, contact our Community Outreach Coordinator, Dr. Alicia Rueda-Acedo.

Global Connections

Go Bold | Go Global with Modern Languages. We offer various faculty-led study abroad programs, which provide students the opportunity to immerse themselves in another culture, enhancing their global competence.

See descriptions on the individual program pages for the following languages:


Lead with Languages! MODL students have a variety of leadership opportunities, including:

Undergraduate Research

MODL is committed to supporting UTA’s research programs, including ACES (Annual Celebration of Excellence by Students), the Honors College, and the McNair Scholars Program. Several of our faculty members have mentored students in research projects associated with these endeavors.

Moreover, the department holds its very own Cultural Constructions Conference every two years. Undergraduate students have an opportunity to further develop projects and present their research among their peers, professors, and community partners in a conference setting.

For individual research projects led by MODL faculty, please contact the department Chair, Dr. Sonia Kania.