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    MODL Career Day

    MODL Career Day

    RSVP for our inaugural MODL Career Day!


    New Professor in Spanish

    New Professor in Spanish

    Welcome Dr. Gregorio-Cano to Spanish Translation Studies.


    Ignacio Ruiz Pérez Wins Poetry Award

    Ignacio Ruiz Pérez Wins Poetry Award

    Ignacio Ruiz Pérez wins prestigious Poetry Award


    Faculty Honored for Teaching

    Faculty Honored for Teaching

    Several faculty members received awards in teaching for 2015.


    Arabic Language & Culture OrganizationGizah Pyramids

    The Arabic Language and Culture organization, ALCO, nicknamed Annadi henceforward, is an organization open for all UTA students, regardless of their language level. We welcome beginners, intermediate and advanced speakers. The purpose of Annadi is to provide the opportunity for members to speak Arabic and to increase their knowlege and awareness of the Arabic-speaking world. A 10 dollar due is charged for membership for the purpose of going towards the spending budget of the club. Affiliation with the university is also required for membership.

    Annadi meets biweekly during the fall and spring semesters. Meetings include refreshments and informal conversation in Arabic, but Annadi members also plan and present programs related to the study of Arabic. Typical programs include presentations of information about an Arabic-speaking country by individuals from the country or students who have recently participated in a study abroad trip. Members also view and discuss Arabic films, musical concerts, and dine in local Arabic restaurants.

    Annadi also strongly promotes the education of students in the Arabic language, and brings to attention the following courses offered at UTA: ARAB 1441-1442, ARAB 2313-2314, and ARAB 3303

    Please Join our Arabic Language Group on Facebook and check out our Facebook page!

    If you are interested in joining the club, please "like" and/or "join" the facebook group/page via the links below:

    French Club

    Eiffel Tower

    La Société Francophone

    Bienvenue tout le monde!

    La Société Francophone is a social, cultural, and academic group dedicated to the Francophile within! Though primarily geared towards students currently taking French, we are open to all UT-Arlington students. Biweekly meetings are held in English, while certain other events are held in French. Activities include French conversation meetings, French film viewings, lunches or dinners at French restaurants, annual campus-wide events such as International week, and our "Poésie en Plein Air" outdoor performance that takes place in the fall. To find out more, join us on Facebook or Mavorgs!

    German Language Society

    German Language Society banner

    The German Language Society at Die Tote Stadt

    German Language Society at The Winspear for Die Tote Stadt

    The German Language Society members are dedicated to expanding ours and others' knowledge of the German speaking world. We study the language, culture and business environments of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

    Find us on MavOrgs at:
    You can also find us on Facebook:

    Fall 2015-Spring 2016 Officers


    Meeting Information

    Every Week

    • Stammtisch

      Wednesdays, 12 noon to 1:00 P.M.
      Room TH 202

      Come and hang out with fellow students who enjoy all things from German speaking countries.

    Events for Spring 2015

    • Movie Nights - Trimble Hall Room 303 @ 6:00P.M.
      • March 19th, 2015
      • April 22nd, 2015
    • Frühlingsfest: March 20th

    Fall 2014 Events

    • Fort Worth Oktoberfest: Sept. 27th - $10 @ gate.
    • Mavs Night payment due Oct. 1st - $14
    • Opera payment due Oct. 1st - $25
    • Campus Oktoberfest Oct. 16th
    • Everything German Dinner: Oct. 9th @ 6:00P.M.
    • Dallas Opera: Nov. 8th @ 7:30P.M.
    • Lit. Class Play: Dec. 3rd @ 6:00P.M.
    • GLS Christmas Party: Dec. 4th
    • Mavs Night: Dec. 5th
    • Christkindl Market: Dec. 6th

    Other Organization Information

    Korean Culture Association


    The Korean Cultural Association (KCA) is a group of individuals dedicated to All That Is Korea! The members are dedicated to expanding knowledge of Korea. We study the language, culture, and business environments of Korea.

    Our program includes Coffee Breaks, Lunches, Dinners, Movie Nights, and Pop Culture! If it is Korean, you will find it in our list of activities.

    We plan, participate in, and promote these events for the express purpose of increasing our understanding of Korean culture, enjoying fellowship with like-minded individuals, and expanding our horizons.

    Meetings will be held on a regular basis. Contact the Korean Section for detailed information. Check out Facebook for our Korean Culture Association.

    Come and join us!

    Russian Culture Society


    About the Russian Culture Society

    Добро пожаловать в Общество Русской культуры!

    The Russian Culture Society is a group of individuals dedicated to All That Is Russia!

    Lunches, Dinners, Teas, Symphonies, Ballet, Film, Popular culture! If it is Russian, you will find it in our list of activities.

    We plan, participate in, and promote these events for the express purposes of increasing our understanding of Russian culture, enjoying fellowship with like-minded individuals, and expanding our horizons.

    Meetings are held on alternate Fridays throughout the semester in HH 221 at 12:00 p.m.

    Contact the Russian Section to find out the exact dates, and see the RCS blog in the link below for a list of scheduled activities.

    Приходите к нам! Come join us!

    The Russian Culture Society Blog 

    Spanish Club(La Sociedad Hispánica)


    La Sociedad Hispánica is a community for students of Spanish or those simply interested in promoting the culture on campus. All UTA students with interest in the Spanish language and Hispanic culture may become members. The club is an organization where students can:

    • Plan cultural events.
    • Attend Activities in a friendly atmosphere.
    • Participate in volunteering opportunities and fund-raising for charity.
    • Explore future careers.
    • Develop their skills in Spanish by tutoring in Spanish among the members.

    Faculty Advisors For More Information: