Student Groups

The Department of Modern Languages offers students the opportunity to become members of various student-led communities.

MODL Ambassadors

MODL Ambassadors, the peer-to-peer leadership program of the Department of Modern Languages, is comprised of a select group of students who are chosen based on recommendations by our faculty and staff. Members must be a natural helper, able to easily engage with their peers and instructors, and show enthusiasm for our diverse learning environment. They must also exhibit a positive attitude, tactful leadership skills, and excellence in their academic achievements. Ambassadors must serve for one year and volunteer for at least six departmental or university events. Their duties include communicating with prospective students and parents, articulating the value of language study and intercultural understanding, making classroom visits on campus or at other institutions, and assisting with department communications and community outreach. For more information, contact the faculty advisor, Ms. Thelma Cabrera.

Language and Culture Clubs

Most of our language programs have a student-led organization where you can connect with new friends who share your interests in language and culture. Check out each group’s page to find out more!