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In addition to satisfying the entrance requirements for the College of Liberal Arts, prospective majors in the Department of Modern Languages must meet the following criteria:

  • A 3.0 GPA is required in the 1441-2314 Modern Language sequence, or a grade of B on the Modern Language placement test, or approval of the departmental advisor.
  • After admission to the Modern Language major, students must maintain a 2.00 GPA in major classes.

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A variety of factors are taken into consideration for admission to the program. Applicants may be admitted unconditionally, provisionally, or on a probationary basis. Unsatisfactory performance on a majority of factors listed below may result in denied or deferred admittance into the graduate program.


  • B.A. degree in the language to be studied, or equivalent of 18 hours of upper-level coursework in language to be studied.
    • A student who does not meet this requirement may obtain 18 hours by taking courses at the 3000 and 4000 level in French or Spanish at UTA.
    • A student may attempt to test out of nine hours of grammar, composition, and conversation. If a student tests out of grammar, composition, and conversation, s/he must take nine hours of 4000-level coursework, in order to demonstrate the ability to do advanced studies.
  • A minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.00, as calculated by the Graduate School (usually, last 60 hours).
  • GRE score. Under specific circumstances, the GRE may be waived for applicants who received their B.A. from UTA. See GRE Waiver.
  • TOEFL score, for international students whose native language is not English. Applicants are expected to score 550 on the paper-based test or 213 on the computer-based test, in order to qualify for unconditional admission.
  • Submission of all documents required for application to the Graduate School (application, fee, official transcripts, and GRE scores). See graduate admissions on university catalog.
  • Submission of three (3) letters of recommendation to the Department of Modern Languages graduate advisor.


  • Probationary Admission
    Applicants with low GRE scores or a low GPA may be admitted based on other criteria such as letters of recommendation or current coursework. Under Probationary Admission, students are required to maintain a B average during the first twelve hours of graduate work.
  • Provisional Admission
    An applicant unable to supply all required documentation prior to the admission deadline but who otherwise appears to meet admission requirements may be granted provisional admission.
  • Deferred Admission
    A deferred decision may be granted when there is a deficiency that needs to be addressed before admission is granted.

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