Modern Languages at UTA

Graduate Teaching Assistantships and Associateships

If you are interested in a two tier teaching apprenticeship during your studies in the MODL Masters Degree program, you should contact Alicia Soueid, for French or Catherine Ortiz, for Spanish. You may pick up an application in the main MODL office (Hammond Hall 230) and submit the completed application to Becky Rosenboom in the MODL department office (Hammond Hall 230).

You may apply to the program if you are accepted unconditionally or under some circumstances a probationary admission may be eligible to apply as well. Students accepted into the Certificate program or are admitted under a "Special" status are NOT eligible for a Graduate Assistantship or Associateship.

Please consult the graduate catalogue for details about admission requirements: Graduate Assistantship/Associateship Policy.

Below is information about MODL options:


The Department of Modern Languages provides teaching assistantships for students who have not completed 18 graduate hours. Normally, a teaching assistant, GTA I, assists in two courses each semester, for a stipend. GTAs are eligible for in-state tuition.


Once a GTA has accrued 18 graduate hours, he/she can become a Graduate Teaching Assistant II and receive a larger stipend. GTA IIs are also eligible for in-state tuition. The Department has teaching assistantships available for graduate students in French and Spanish.

How to Apply

Please download, complete, and send the GTA application form (PDF) to:

The Department of Modern Languages
The University of Texas at Arlington
Box 19557
Arlington, TX 76019-0557

Fax: 817.272.5408