Spanish Translation and Interpreting Program Expands With New Faculty
Span New Hires.png

The Department of Modern Languages begins the 2020-2021 academic year with the expansion of the Spanish Translation and Interpreting program and the hiring of two assistant professors, Dr. Mónica de la Fuente Iglesias and Dr. Fernando Melero-García.

Dr. de la Fuente Iglesias joins UTA from the University of Minnesota where she earned a Ph.D. in Hispanic Linguistics. She is a Sworn Translator and Interpreter appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union, and Cooperation. As a sociolinguist, her research focuses on the linguistics and social factors that govern language variation and on issues of language prestige, language attitudes, and local and regional identity.

“What interests me the most about teaching at UTA are the comprehensive and varied courses and certificates that are offered,” said Dr. de la Fuente Iglesias. “As a Hispanic-serving institution, I also look forward to working with Hispanic students.”

Dr. Melero-García joins the University from Indiana University where he earned a Ph.D. in Hispanic Linguistics and served as an associate instructor. His research examines how different linguistics and extralinguistic factors affect the way people produce and perceive speech sounds in Spanish; as well as the processes involved in the acquisition of second languages. He is a practicing translator appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union, and Cooperation. He specializes in the translation of legal and academic documents, and has extensive experience providing translation services to immigrants and international students in Spain.

“Over the course of my career as a translator, I’ve been able to provide services that have a positive impact on people’s lives,” said Dr. Melero-García. “Now I am excited to work with the students at UTA who are interested to pursue careers as translators or interpreters in order to support their communities.”

The Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Translation and Interpreting features courses in legal and medical translation, Spanish for health and human services, computer-assisted translation, linguistics, and other specialized topics. Students in the program also partner with local organizations to provide assistance with translation and interpreting services as part of the program’s service-learning component.

“Dr. de la Fuente Iglesias and Dr. Fernando Melero-García have ample experience in translation and interpreting and are highly productive researchers,” said Dr. Alicia Rueda-Acedo, associate professor and director of the Spanish Translation and Interpreting program. “Their expertise will elevate our program and provide students with considerable insight into legal, medical, and business translation and interpreting.”